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The absolute best place to buy or sell a car

CarGurus transaction in progress; best place to buy or sell a car.
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Buying or selling a used car can be stressful stuff. After all, no car is cheap so it’s important you buy the right one for your needs. When selling, you want to make sure that the process goes smoothly and that you find the right buyer quickly and without any bother. The best place to do so is by using CarGurus. The website makes it super simple to either buy or sell a used car with a streamlined process without any frustration or fuss. If you’re in either situation, we’re here to tell you why CarGurus is the best solution for you. You’ll soon learn it’s your one-stop solution for all your used car needs.

CarGurus: The ultimate way to buy

Buying a car is exciting and stressful, often in equal measure. In many ways, the easier part is figuring out what car you want over where to buy it from. Fortunately, the latter is easily solved by CarGurus. Head over to their used car sales page and you can immediately find what you’re looking for.

Tapping into the fact we all absorb information differently, you can either click an image of the body style of the car you want or you can search via makes and models, as well as prices, and locations. You can also browse certified pre-owned vehicles that are all free of defects. Better still, if you do run into a problem, the manufacturer or dealer will often provide repairs free of charge or at a limited cost.

Browse through and everything looks super appealing. You get a clear photo of the vehicle you’re considering buying, a price, all the details you need including mileage, and even a disclaimer that tells you if you’re looking at a good deal or not. Extensive search filters mean you don’t have to waste time browsing cars or trucks that are unsuitable for your needs.

Once you find the vehicle that looks right for you, you can enter a few simple details on a form to contact the dealer. You don’t even have to enter a phone number if you prefer contact to initially be conducted via email. Many dealers offer local delivery to save you the effort of heading to the dealership yourself. You can also check out financing options if you don’t plan on buying outright.

Here’s how easy it is to sell using CarGurus

It’s almost too easy to sell using CarGurus. The site promises a simple three-step process and that’s exactly what you get. All you need to do is enter your license plate as well as your state. Alternatively, you can tap in the VIN instead. From there, you’re given information on your vehicle so you can confirm it’s yours. Enter the ZIP code of where your car is located, along with some useful details about your car such as the color, exterior, and mileage. It’s all simple stuff, right down to just announcing what condition the car is in and if it’s been in any accidents recently. In less than two minutes you’ll get a cash offer from Carguru’s network of thousands of dealers, all bidding to buy your car. A 7-day sale time is possible here with a firm offer and even free pickup saving you any kind of hassle.

Cash offers are gathered through tracking demand from dealers nationwide in real time so you’ll get a good price for your vehicle.

Another option is to list it privately via CarGurus with you picking a price, and then describing your car. From there, it takes about 20 days to sell the car although bear in mind, you may have to negotiate the price with potential buyers meaning it’s better to stick with the automated route. You also need to coordinate a drop-off so — again — stick with CarGurus’ super-simple method.

Why CarGurus is for you

Simplicity and an easy life are what we all seek much of the time, especially when it comes to making big purchases. If you want to spend more time enjoying having a ‘new’ car, CarGurus is the solution for you. Whether you’re buying or selling, the process is simple and straightforward and so much easier than any alternative. That’s precisely why Cargurus is the most visited car buying site in the country.

Plus, with the largest inventory online, and over 5 million vehicles to choose from, you can be confident you’ll find the right vehicle for you, as well as enjoy peace of mind that it’s a reliable option. That goes for anything from a small town car to a truck for exploring further afield. CarGurus has it all.

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