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This HP 27-inch monitor just had its price slashed to $200

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You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars to pair your PC with a decent display, because there are offers like HP’s $100 discount for the HP M27fd monitor that lowers its price to a more affordable $200 from its original price of $300. If you’ve spent most of your budget on your CPU, this 27-inch monitor may be the perfect component to complete your computer setup.

Sticking with an old monitor after upgrading with desktop computer deals isn’t a wise decision, as you won’t be able to appreciate the improved processing power of your new PC. While it’s not as powerful as the top-of-the-line models in our list of best monitors, the HP M27fd monitor is definitely a steal for its lowered price. It’s unclear how long the discount will last though, so if you want to get a reliable monitor for just $200, don’t hold yourself back from making the purchase.

Why you should buy this 27-inch monitor

The HP M27fd monitor may be considered as a budget option, but it certainly won’t feel like one once you’ve hooked it up to your desktop computer. The monitor’s 27-inch display features Full HD resolution for sharp details and realistic colors, which will make watching streaming content and playing video games more enjoyable. In addition to VGA and HDMI ports, the monitor comes with a USB-C port that allows connectivity, charging, and data transfer. If you’re planning to buy two monitors for a dual-screen setup, the HP M27fd monitor’s no-bezel design translates to a seamless look when they’re placed side by side.

A monitor’s response time determines how fast it shows image transitions — the lower the response time, the better the monitor can keep up with fast-paced video, according to our computer monitor buying guide. For the HP M27fd monitor, response time is just 5ms, and it supports AMD’s FreeSync technology to prevent tearing by synchronizing the monitor’s refresh rate with your GPU’s rendering.  The monitor also comes with HP’s Eye Ease, which reduces harmful blue light emissions without sacrificing color quality.

Combine all these specifications and features with a slim profile that doesn’t take up too much space on your desk, and a cable containment system that further reduces clutter, and you’ve got a monitor that’s more valuable than what it costs. A lot of shoppers will likely think the same way after coming across HP’s offer for the HP M27fd monitor though, so if you don’t want to risk missing out on this special price, you have to hurry. Add the display to your cart and check out right away.

More monitor deals you can shop today

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The HP M27fd monitor is reliable, and even cheaper than usual with HP’s discount. However, with the multitude of monitor deals across the different retailers, you have so many other choices if you’re willing to look around. For example, Dell is offering the Dell 24 monitor at an even cheaper price. If your new display will be mostly used for playing video games, check out Newegg’s price cut for the MSI 32-inch Optix curved QHD gaming monitor, as well as Dell’s deal for the Alienware 38 curved gaming monitor.

  • Dell 24 Monitor —
  • MSI 32-inch Optix Curved QHD Gaming Monitor —
  • Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor —

Gamers should focus their search for a new display on gaming monitor deals, as these products will not only be able to keep up better with the requirements of modern video games, but they’ll also come with gaming-specific features. They’re usually more expensive than regular monitors, but you’ll be able to find significant savings if you keep looking.

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