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Jabra’s Evolve2 75 headset might be for hybrid working, but it’s also ready to rock

Jabra Evolve2 75 headset product image with white background.
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“This content was produced in partnership with Jabra.”

Jabra, a brand you may already know and recognize from its wireless audio products — namely some pretty awesome wireless earbuds — also delivers enterprise-level gear. Now, you may hear that phrase and feel your eyes start to gloss over, unless you’re running a B2B operation, but even still. The term “enterprise” doesn’t necessarily mean it’s only for a professional environment, especially with everyone working virtually or from home these days. In fact, Jabra’s latest release, the Evolve2 75 headset, is specifically designed for hybrid working, to include working remotely.

What’s one thing that you normally contend with, while you’re working at home, that you don’t always deal with at work? Well, there are probably a few different answers here, but what we’re getting at is the noise level. Unless you’re fortunate enough to live alone, kids, dogs, loved ones, electronics, you name it, they cause noise and disruptions! Even with a door closed the noise can be quite troublesome. Jabra’s Evolve2 75 headset introduces something called Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC) that allows you to pick and choose how little — or how much — of your surroundings, you allow through. So, when you’re on a conference call or just a quick phone call, background noise is nonexistent, unless you want it to be present. You can tune the noise-cancellation level using a ‘HearThrough’ button on the headset, which is possible to configure on a call, so you don’t have to take off the headset if you notice something awry. It’s also loaded with a bunch of features that are just handy to have, regardless of whether you’re working, or playing.

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What else can the Jabra Evolve2 75 headset do?

Jabra Evolve2 75 headset woman wearing and using for hybrid work.
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It wouldn’t be worthy of the Jabra name if it didn’t come packed to the brim with some other, equally awesome features. It’s a wireless headset with a range of 30-meters or 100-feet, giving you plenty of wiggle room. You can connect with up to 2 devices at once thanks to dual-connectivity support. Using MySound profiles, within the Sound+ mobile app, you can optimize equalizer and sound settings to match your music, or audio feed if you’re streaming a movie or show. You can also use Jabra Direct, on both mobiles and PCs, to change those settings, so you have a couple of options. The 40mm speakers deliver booming bass, clear highs, and mids. Plus, it supports AAC codecs for high-fidelity digital audio. If those specs or terms aren’t in your wheelhouse, it means the Evolve2 75 sounds phenomenal, like wearing high-end headphones.

Comparing the Evolve2 75 to the original Evolve 75 design, the boom arm for the microphone is 33 percent shorter, offering a little more flexibility while you’re wearing the headset. It also feels more natural and comfortable while you’re wearing it, as the mic isn’t jutting right in front of your face. Moreover, it meets Microsoft’s stringent Open Office requirements when flipped down in performance mode, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility. It uses 8 built-in microphones and a “triple-chipset powered algorithm” to produce a clear sound. The system can distinguish your voice from ambient noise, therefore delivering crystal clear and sharp call quality to anyone else on the line. No more struggling to get your point across or worrying about how dull your voice sounds.

On the data side, it’s optimized for Unified Communications platforms, connecting employees to the platform of choice, alongside a dedicated Microsoft Teams button. Integrated data-capturing capabilities make it easier on IT teams and departments — they can reference the data to make better decisions or troubleshoot issues. There’s also Google fast pair with Android devices, dual-foam ear-cups that are extra soft,  and an integrated 360-degree busylight. Essentially, if you need it, the Evolve2 has it.

Sounds great, where can I get one?

Available October 15th, the Jabra Evolve2 75 headset will be $349. Very quickly, let’s recap some of the best features of the Evolve2 75 headset. It has:

  • Jabra Advanced Active Noise Cancellation™ (ANC).
  • 3 dedicated digital processing chipsets for performance.
  • Seamless UC connections with Zoom, Teams, and more.
  • Crystal-clear calls thanks to 8 microphones total.
  • A re-engineered microphone boom arm that’s shorter yet more effective.
  • A comfortable design with dual-foam ear-cups.
  • Impressive wireless range (30-meters/100-feet).
  • Customizable apps and sound settings with a few options.
  • Up to 36-hours of battery life with a full charge time of 2-hours and 40 minutes (fast charge for 15 minutes nets 6-hours of use).

It’s ready to rock when you are unless you’re on a conference call, then you should probably settle down a little.

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