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Keep your Mac or PC clean, tidy, and running smoothly with discounted MacPaw apps

macpaw software deal roundup
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There is a virtual sea of software available for cleaning and maintaining a Windows PC, but if you use Apple hardware, you might not have considered using a similar program for your Mac. Macpaw makes some of our favorite apps for tidying up your Mac and removing junk files, so we’ve rounded up some current software offerings – including one PC program for you Windows users – as well as some great bundle deals that can save you up to $110.

CleanMyMac 3

Macpaw CleanMyMac
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Good cleaning software is a must, but CleanMyMac 3 does much more than just sort out and delete unnecessary files on your hard drive. Macpaw’s flagship app scans your drive with the press of a button and shows you which files can be safely removed, letting you clear out everything from browsing history to old emails. You can also thoroughly remove any apps, widgets, and plug-ins that you aren’t using, making sure no junk data is left behind.

Along with tidying up your file system, CleanMyMac improves performance by actively monitoring your computer’s memory use, temperatures, hard drive health, and more. It then alerts you to any problems and tells you how to fix them. You can also see real-time performance data and free up RAM to keep things running smoothly. A single-user license costs $40, but if you have multiple computers to clean, you can save $20 when you buy two licenses for $60 or save $110 when you buy five licenses for just $90.

Gemini 2

Macpaw Gemini
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Clearing out junk from your hard drive is great for keeping your system healthy and freeing up storage space, but duplicate files can remain undetected by cleaning software and might be taking up more room on your computer than you realize. Gemini 2 explores every nook and cranny of your Mac, hunts down duplicate files such as photos and music files, and tags them for removal. You can review the files and choose which you want to keep, if any, or let the Smart Select feature automatically determine which ones can go.

Gemini 2 doesn’t just look for copies, however – it can also find files that are similar, such as photos that look alike, helping you sort out the junk from those you want to keep. A single license for this handy Mac tool costs $20, and you can save $10 when you purchase two copies for $30 or save $55 when you buy five licenses for $45.

Hider 2

Macpaw Hider
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Just as important as cleaning your computer is keeping your sensitive information private. Encryption software, once the domain of tech professionals and government agencies, has become mainstream over the last decade as consumers have grown increasingly privacy conscious. Desktop computers have also been slowly replaced by portable laptops, which are much more likely to get lost or stolen.

Hider 2 is a lightweight and user-friendly security solution for Mac users who want to secure their sensitive data. AES-256 encryption locks down files you want to keep private, and the data can only be decrypted with your unique passkey. Hider 2 can also hide encrypted folders and can completely lock down your external drives as well. A Hider 2 license goes for $20, while two copies come in at $30 and licenses for five different computers can be had for $45.


Macpaw CleanMyPC
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Although Macpaw mostly focuses on software for Mac computers, it hasn’t forgotten the many Windows PC users out there. CleanMyPC brings the great features of CleanMyMac to Windows, scanning every corner of your hard drive for space-wasting cache files, logs, hibernation files, browser cookies, and more. CleanMyPC also scans the Windows registry and resolves errors, and the uninstaller feature makes it simple to completely remove unwanted software and extensions – including residual installation files and user data – without having to hunt around for uninstallers for each program you want to get rid of.

CleanMyPC is priced similarly to CleanMyMac, with a single license coming in at $40, two at $60, and a five-license family pack at $90, for savings of up to $110.

Macpaw also offers several discounted bundles, so if you want more than one of their apps, you can buy them together for some extra savings. The Maximum Bundle for Mac includes CleanMyMac 3, Gemini 2, and Hider 2 for $63, which saves you $17. If you don’t need Hider 2, you can buy CleanMyMac and Gemini together with the $54 Space Saving Bundle abd save yourself $6. Finally, if you use a Mac and a PC and want cleaning software for both, then the Universal Cleaning Bundle gives you CleanMyMac and CleanMyPC for $68, a savings of $12.

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