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Working from home? Don’t miss this outstanding Microsoft Office 365 deal


With the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, sweeping the nation and employers now instructing their workforce to work from home, Amazon is looking to soften the blow for contractors (and possibly even employees) who need to provide their own equipment: It’s currently offering an annual subscription to Microsoft Office 365 Personal for just $48 — down from the usual $70.

The discount covers both Mac and PC (the activation code is universal) and includes 1TB of OneDrive Cloud Storage and access to OneDrive Personal Vault, as well as unlimited use of Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Word. PC users will also be able to use Microsoft Access and Microsoft Publisher, which aren’t available for Mac.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing about Microsoft Office 365 is how useful it is for editing documents on the move. If configured as Microsoft intended, documents will be stored on Microsoft OneDrive. These can then be edited using the relevant software (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, or Microsoft Word) on Android or iOS at no added cost.

The offer is for a physical activation code, so Amazon will need to ship it to you. You can gain access right away though if you need to start hammering away at the keyboard now. Just head over to Microsoft’s website and enroll in a free one-month trial of Office 365 Personal, then all that’s left to do is punch in the activation code when it comes to an end this time next month.

Still on the fence? Let’s look at the numbers. Office 365 Personal can be subscribed to through Microsoft for $7 per month, totaling $84 over the course of a year, or for $70 for an annual membership — a difference of $14. Amazon is offering that same 12-month subscription for $48, which is $22 cheaper than the regular annual fee and $36 cheaper than the monthly plan.

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Co-founders Ben Cheung and Charles Lee launched Genee in 2014. The service allows users to simply describe what kind of meeting they want, when it should take place, and who should attend. Genee “does the rest,” generating the best time and place to have the meeting, and then inform everyone who is involved. If there’s a conflict with the schedule, Genee will provide a “seamless and simple” way to reschedule a meeting.

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Users should expect to be migrated from the service to Office 365 before the end of 2015, according to a report from The Verge. However, this shouldn't worry users concerned that the service is set to be discontinued, as the changes look set to bring it closer to Microsoft's other interests in an attempt for better consistency across their product line-up.

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