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Learn to play piano with the One Smart Keyboard Pro, on sale till Christmas

One Smart Keyboard Pro

If you’ve ever learned (or tried to learn) to play an instrument, you know it’s no easy task. From muscle memory to music theory, mastering an instrument takes tons of training – but modern technology like the One Smart Keyboard Pro from One Music Group can make your journey a lot easier.

Along with the six-string guitar, the piano remains one of the most popular instruments that people want to learn. The piano is relatively easy to get started with, yet difficult to master. If you’ve been wanting to pick it up, then the One Smart Keyboard Pro is the perfect way to do it. This smart digital piano can teach you how to play, and from now through Christmas Day, it’s on sale from Amazon for $50 off. Read on to find out more.

Unlike most electronic keyboards, the One Smart Keyboard Pro features 88 full-size, weighted, hammer-action keys. This simulates the heavy weight and tactile feedback of real piano keys, giving the One Smart Keyboard Pro an authentic feel (without the large footprint of an actual piano). Two beefy built-in speakers provide realistic sound, and the keyboard features two 3.5mm headphone jacks and a 6.35mm stereo jacks for hooking the piano up to speakers.

What really sets the One Smart Keyboard Pro apart from other digital keyboards is the One Smart Piano app. Available for both iOS and Android devices, this free software syncs with your keyboard, lighting up LEDs above the keys to show you which notes to play. Just place an iPad or Android tablet on the music stand and you can enjoy more than 100 video lessons, thousands of pages of sheet music, learning games, and more from the app. You can even hook the keyboard up to you computer via USB-MIDI to record music and use other musical software and instrument plugins.

The One Smart Keyboard Pro normally rings in at $799, but from now until December 25, you can take $50 off of this great digital piano, bringing it down to $749 on Amazon with no code required. This smart keyboard gives you the feel of an authentic piano without the considerable size, weight, and expense of the real thing, making this the perfect gift for yourself or for an aspiring musician.


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