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Magic Keyboard for latest iPad Pro 12.9 down to lowest-ever price

For many of us, the ultimate gap to bridge is that between the laptop and tablet. Both of them are so perfectly convenient in their own way, but neither can quite make up for the other’s shortcomings. Apple’s engineers have moved us one step closer this year with the Magic Keyboard for the latest iPad Pro 12.9, which is on sale for only $330 — down from $350. It magically brings us closer than we’ve ever been to the iPad-as-laptop configuration.

This is an incredible offer for two reasons: First, this is the lowest-ever price at Amazon and we’re blown away that it’s on sale at all considering how new this Magic Keyboard is. Second, the Magic Keyboard is red-hot right now; everyone wants one.

The big news here is the updated trackpad, which allows you to use your iPad in a new way. It’s smaller than the trackpad on your average MacBook, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less functional — it’s quick with its scrolling response and follows all your two-and-three fingered gestures. Oh, and it’s clickable, which again, opens up even more functionality with your iPad.

As for the keyboard (which works best on a flat surface, like your desk, as opposed to your lap): the backlit function is superbly helpful and not at all distracting. The keys are mashed potatoes like other iPad keyboards (there’s a satisfying snap motion when they’re pressed) and it’s extra inviting in terms of how it asks your hands to travel across it. There may not be some of the supplementary keys you’re used to on MacBook, like volume and brightness, but that doesn’t affects your ability to use it for work projects, or just typing emails.

Check out what one user had to say:

I couldn’t be happier. I had been using the original keyboard for my 12.9 iPad and it was good. This one is great. The backlit feature along with the trackpad are terrific.

iPads are becoming new office go-tos (check out our guide to the best iPad deals). Actually, with a keyboard, you can go wherever you want with them. But this Magic Keyboard brings it to a whole new, hybrid, level of functionality — so close to a MacBook it basically becomes one.

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