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Don’t miss this insane Roomba Black Friday robot vacuum deal — ONLY $179!

If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep your floors clean, this is the Roomba Black Friday deal is for you: Amazon is offering a savings of $95, dropping the price of the Roomba 694 to $179 from its regular price of $274. This is one of the best Black Friday Roomba deals and one of the best Black Friday robot vacuum deals available today. With free shipping and returns in play for Amazon Prime subscribers, it even makes one of the all around best Black Friday deals. Grab yours now while the deal is still hot.

Today’s best Roomba Black Friday deal

Why Buy:

  • Intelligently vacuums around your life
  • Three-stage cleaning power
  • Multi-surface brushes
  • Full range of smart features

The Roomba is famous for its great design and smart vacuuming capabilities, and as you’ll quickly find in our iRobot Roomba 694 review, this Roomba 694 model is the one to buy. It brings many of the features and capabilities of Roomba 694’s higher-end robot vacuums to the price point of something that’s affordable for almost everyone. It brings some visual style to household cleaning, but the Roomba 694 isn’t all looks; it’s also a great functioning vacuum, with three-stage cleaning power that makes it powerful enough for cleaning up just about anything, including pet hair and dinner crumbs.

The Roomba 694 is powered by iRobot Genius, which is software that learns your habits and routines so that the Roomba 694 can suggest the best times to be vacuuming based on your schedule. Adaptive navigation sensors keep the Roomba going amidst you and your household objects, finding its way in and out of traffic such as pets and dining room chairs. It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, allowing you to start it up with a voice command, and you can even schedule the Roomba 694 to clean up after you on a daily basis with the iRobot HOME app.

At only $179 for Black Friday right now at Amazon, the iRobot Roomba 694 is a steal. It’s marked down from its regular price of $274, creating a total Black Friday savings of $95. Click over to Amazon and grab yours now before this great deal runs itself out of inventory.

Should you shop this Roomba Black Friday deal or wait until Cyber Monday?

While there’s reason to believe you may find a better deal on Cyber Monday, there’s also good reason to believe you may find yourself missing out on a deal entirely on Cyber Monday. We recommend buying now, as the amazing deal you find on Black Friday can trigger items going on backorder, or even inventory to run out entirely before Cyber Monday even arrives. Most Cyber Monday deals are very close to what we see on Black Friday, so why risk waiting in order to save a few dollars?

Cancelation and returns are always a Black Friday option as well, so if you purchase a new Roomba 694 on Black Friday and land a better deal on Cyber Monday, you can always cancel or return your earlier purchased Roomba 694. So jump into Black Friday and grab this deal while it’s here, and do so knowing you have the option to cancel or return if a better deal turns up later.

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