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Get a 4K TV and soundbar combo for $669 at Walmart today

A Samsung 50-inch 4K UHD Smart LED TV.

Package deals are pretty great when you’re setting up a new home theater. Not only do they often go for a good price but they also save you the trouble of having to look for several different devices, such as a soundbar, wall mounts, and adaptors. This is why this Walmart deal is pretty awesome since it throws all that in, and then some, for just $669, down from $793.

The headliner in this deal is the 7-series Samsung UHD TV. This 50-inch beast has the usual features you’d expect from a quality TV, such as HDR, a near borderless frame, and a pretty strong internal processor that helps get images to be the top-notch quality that they should be. It also comes factory adjusted out of the box, so you don’t have to mess around with the video or color settings to get it looking perfect. There’s also integration with both Google Assistant and AirPlay so that you can control everything remotely. If you’re a gamer, you’ll be happy to know that there’s an automatic game mode that optimizes the TV to decrease input lag, a very useful feature. Honestly, even if it were on its own, it would be one of the better 4K TV deals.

Deco Home Gear 60W soundbar with woofer.

The second big-ticket item in this bundle is the soundbar and subwoofer combo from DecoHome. It’s nice 60W unit that should provide more than enough oomf for your Samsung TV. It also has HDMI ARC technology, with ARC standing for Audio Return Channel. The purpose behind it is to decrease the number of cables you need, so rather than having a separate optical cable just for your soundbar, it can just pass through the soundbar. Alternatively, it also has Bluetooth 4.1, so you can connect to it that way as well. As for sound quality, with two internal 20W speakers as well as the standalone 20W subwoofer, you’re going to have no trouble hearing it. And while the audio isn’t the crispest ever, you can’t beat the bundle pricing, although you can certainly check out some of our other soundbar deals.

Of course, the deal doesn’t end there because not only does it come with the TV and soundbar, it also comes with a mount, a surge protector, and some TV essentials, like PLEX and a screen cleaner. So, all in all, for just $669, you’re getting a pretty killer deal from Walmart.

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