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Amazon drops prices on these three Samsung Chromebooks ahead of Prime Day 2019

Over the past few years, Chromebooks have set a new standard for laptops. Chromebooks have remarkably long battery life and are low-cost alternatives to Windows or MacBook laptops.

Ahead of Amazon’s 2019 Prime Day deals bonanza, the retail giant is offering three Samsung Chromebooks at incredibly discounted prices: The Samsung Chromebook Pro, the Samsung Chromebook 2, and the Samsung Chromebook 3.

Samsung Chromebook Pro 12.3-inch – $467

best cheap Chromebook deals Samsung Chromebook Pro
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First on our list is the Samsung Chromebook Pro. This laptop/tablet combo normally retails for $550, but as an early Prime Day deal you can get it for $467 — an $83 discount.

The Samsung Chromebook Pro boasts an elegant 12.3-inch QHD touchscreen and a sturdy 360-degree hinge that converts it to a tablet. It is encased in a magnesium alloy chassis and comes with a built-in stylus — the first Chromebook to do so. Numerous Android apps are compatible with the Samsung Chromebook Pro, giving most tablets a serious run for their money. The keyboard is wonderfully responsive but ultimately feels cramped; important keys like backspace and tab are too narrow, which, to be fair, is not an uncommon issue on Chromebooks.

This may not be the most affordable Chromebook out there, but considering how well it performs and how durable it is, the Samsung Chromebook Pro is well worth your money.

Samsung Chromebook 2 11.6-inch – $205

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This ultra-portable Chromebook 11.6- inch laptop runs with an Intel Celeron processor and is equipped with 4GB of system memory. It’s housed in a metal-reinforced body that provides protection from accidental slips and falls.

Performance-wise, it does a respectable job, despite its compact form. Running multiple tabs doesn’t cause it to lag (which can be attributed to the extremely efficient Chrome OS) and it can be operated for up to nine hours straight. The keyboard is comfortable to use, and the touchpad is flawlessly responsive. Its LED screen leaves a lot to be desired though. The screen is awash with blue-tinted colors, and text appears blurry on the edges. Still, for only $205, the Samsung Chromebook 2 is a more than adequate budget laptop.

Something a little less pricey is the Samsung Chromebook 2, costing $205 on Amazon ahead of Prime Day. That’s an astounding 59% off from its original price of $499.

Samsung Chromebook 3 11.6 (Refurbished) – $134

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Last on our list is the Samsung Chromebook 3 11.6-inch, the most budget-friendly of the three. Refurbished units are being sold on Amazon as an early Prime Day deal for the low price of $134, that’s 33% less than the normal price of $200.

Samsung Chromebook 3 is a great little laptop. It boasts nearly 10 hours of battery life and comes with 4GB of RAM. The screen is a notable upgrade from the Chromebook 2. The 11.6-inch display is luminous and stunningly vibrant that it puts other budget laptops to shame. The chassis is made of smooth plastic that feels classy and well-made. It runs with an Intel Celeron processor which works well for web surfing and word processing. A few drawbacks are the muddy sounding speakers and awkward key placements. The backspace key is literally right below the power key and you’re just a press away from accidentally shutting it down. But for the insane price of $134, the refurbished Chromebook 3 is practically a steal.

Looking for more tech deals? Find Prime Day laptop deals and Chromebook deals from our curated deals page.

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