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Samsung’s Futuristic, Portable Freestyle Projector is $100 off

Samsung Freestyle Projector Deal: Cheapest Price Today

If you’re looking for a great projector, look no further than this Samsung Freestyle Projector deal.

Simple to use yet allowing you to enjoy big-screen fun at home or wherever you like, the Samsung The Freestyle projector is a great option for everyone and right now, you can buy it for $100 off at Crutchfield bringing it down to just $798 — one of the best projector deals around.

That’s a fairly hefty discount on something that is so futuristic and modern, making this the ideal time to dive into the world of portable projectors, starting out with one of the best ones around. We can’t say how long this discount will last so if you’re keen, snap it up sooner rather than later.

Why You Should Buy the Samsung Freestyle Projector

Samsung Freestyle projector.

The Samsung Freestyle Projector is easily one of the best portable home theater projectors around at the moment. The Samsung Freestyle Projector enables you to cast a full HD picture almost anywhere on the wall or ceiling, with it being compact and lightweight enough that you can do so anywhere.

The projector automatically adjusts the image size and focus up to 100 inches so you get a great experience, even on slanted surfaces. Even if you’re doing so on white walls, the Samsung Freestyle Projector is smart enough to analyze your wall color and lighting conditions before fine-tuning the image just how you want it to look.

It’s smart elsewhere, too, thanks to having the Tizen TV streaming platform built in so you can use the projector to access your favorite streaming services, like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+, without having to add another device. It also has built-in voice assistant support for added convenience, plus you can cast content from your smartphone.

With a built-in 360-degree speaker, the Samsung Freestyle Projector really doesn’t need anything added to it, but you can choose to hook up an external speaker via Bluetooth if you’d prefer.

Ultimately, the Samsung Freestyle Projector is designed to be convenient in every way. Easy to carry around and super simple to set up, it’s truly like having your own home theater in your pocket at all times. Normally priced at $898, the Samsung Freestyle Projector is down to $798 at Crutchfield for a limited time only.

More Projector Deals You Can Shop Today

If the Samsung Freestyle Projector is a little too expensive, or you’re looking something that can stretch to a 4K Ultra HD resolution, there are some other fantastic projector deals happening today, including:

You could even be better off with a large TV. Thanks to the slew of TV deals we’re seeing in the run-up to Prime Day 2022, it’s possible to take home a 75-inch 4K TV for only $550, without sacrificing quality or smarts.

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