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This fantastic TCL soundbar is a steal at just $130 for Cyber Monday

Grabbed a new TV this weekend? If you didn’t already snag a soundbar on Cyber Monday, you’ll want one, because most TVs won’t satisfy your ears. TCL’s Alt 7+ is an entry-level soundbar that’ll completely embarrass the speakers on your new 4K beast, and Amazon’s $50 Cyber Monday discount brings it down to $130. Better yet, you get another $20 off the top once it’s in your cart for a total savings of $110.

This 2.1-channel soundbar brings a quality stereo array of two 4.5-inch drivers and a 1.5-inch tweeter, plus a wireless subwoofer to underline the soundstage. TCL nailed a solid balance in its audio engineering, with Parker Hall noting in his review that it’s rich in bass and does wonders for dialog. Although it’s relatively limited in its capabilities — especially as it only supports basic Dolby Digital decoding — you’ll be blown away by the sound you get for how little you’re spending. The setup process for all this is refreshingly simple, and with its minimalist design, your home theater will look squeaky clean without extra wires running across the room.

Built to look best beneath 55-inch TVs (there’s a kit included if you need it mounted), the Alto 7+ has no shortage of connection options, including HDMI ARC, optical audio, USB, and a 3.5mm line-in for wired audio devices, cables for which are all included in the box. There’s even IR pass-through, which will allow you to control everything with almost any universal remote, though that aforementioned HDMI ARC functionality serves a similar purpose in supported TVs. Wireless connectivity comes through a Bluetooth 4.2 radio, which you can use to stream tunes from your smartphone or tablet.

The interface is simple. A 12-button remote is all you need to manage everything. You can flip between three preset sound modes to help you find the best setting for the content you like. A lone LED indicator on the front changes color to remind you which mode you’re in.

Whether you’re new to the audio game or you just need something to fit a tight budget, the TCL Alt 7+ is a fantastic affordable soundbar made even cheaper by virtue of Cyber Monday.

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