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The best Cyber Monday soundbar deals for 2022

Best Cyber Monday Soundbar Deals
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Black Friday was last week, Cyber Monday has passed too, and now we’re in the loosely defined Cyber Week. Cyber Monday deals haven’t completely ended though. This is the best time of the year to bag a bargain on a luxury item like a soundbar for your home theater system, and we’ve picked the best Cyber Monday soundbar deals still available. With something for every budget, from ultra-cheap to high-end, you’re sure to find your new soundbar in our roundup below. If you order today, your items should still arrive in time for the holidays, so get shopping!

Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar — $200, was $280

Bose TV Speaker
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends / Digital Trends

To get our Cyber Monday soundbar deals started out right, we head immediately to Bose. The Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar is the epitome of KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) so it is the perfect starter soundbar for your family. It is also so incredibly fairly priced with the sale going on right now that you should be able to afford to get it alongside one of our Cyber Monday TV deals to create an entirely new home entertainment setup from the ground up in just one season. As it is Bluetooth capable and also has HDMI input, you know it isn’t going to take your audiophile friend to set it up properly. Just press the familiar Bluetooth logo on the remote and pair it with what you want to listen to as an instant means to switch the Bose TV Speaker Bluetooth Soundbar from a TV speaker to your music player. Want to crank up the bass a tad? Just tap the bass button! Can’t hear the voices on the TV as clearly as you used to? Press the text box button on your remote, and the words will become crystal clear. So, if you want simple this Cyber Monday, start and stop here!

Vizio 5.1-Channel V-Series Soundbar — $200, was $250

The Vizio 5.1-channel V-Series soundbar and included subwoofer and speakers against a white background.

Next up in Cyber Monday deals is the 5.1-Channel V-Series Soundbar from Vizio. Actually, with this soundbar deal, you’re getting a lot more than just the ‘bar. You also get a wireless subwoofer and two mini-speakers! That, combined with Dolby Audio and DTS, will give you the complete home surround sound effect you’ve been looking for. In fact, the 5.1-Channel V-Series Soundbar comes with a front surround mode for the theater room with limited space. If you want, you can have the speakers in the front and still enjoy the surround experience via “Front Surround Mode.” It’s an easy (and, currently, very affordable) way to convert small, cozy living spaces into something that seems larger than life.

Roku Streambar — $80, was $130

Roku Streambar is shown beneath a TV.

Our Cyber Monday soundbar deals wouldn’t be complete without a bit of Roku. There’s a Roku device in just about any category you can conceive of these days, and soundbars are no different. Ultimately, it will kind of feel like a game console for sound. That sounds weird, but when you plug this soundbar into your 4K TV of choice and pick up your Roku remote, you’ve instantly transformed it into a 4K HDR movie and TV-watching powerhouse. Plus, this soundbar has access to Roku engineering, which will allow you to boost your volume during your TV viewing while using other features to automatically dim the sound of those loud commercials you hate so much. The final way that the Roku Streambar feels console-like is in its plug ‘n’ play nature. Just plug it in and connect to the internet, and you’re good to go!

Sonos Beam 2 — $360, was $450

The Sonos Beam 2 soundbar on a media cabinet with a couple of video game controllers.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Next up, the Sonos Beam 2 is the perfect soundbar for night owls and parents of small children. When you’re ready for the party to get started, use it as normal and enjoy the Dolby Atmos enhanced speakers to their utmost. However, when it is lights out, prepare for something new with Night Sound mode via the Beam’s companion app. This effect rebalances sounds completely, so you can still hear the quietest sounds while the volume is low, but it also dampens the loudest sounds so you aren’t jumping for the mute button every time the action heats up. Alternatively, listen to the best podcasts for kids as a bedtime treat and have the specially tuned Speech Enhancement deliver the quietest of sounds, even whispers, with great clarity so your little ones can follow along during pre-bed storytime.

Sonos Arc Soundbar — $720, was $900

Sonos Arc Dolby Atmos soundbar
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends

The black Sonos Arc Soundbar is a dark device that hides well in a dimly lit home theater room but won’t let back when it comes to sound. At 45 inches wide and weighing in at over 13 pounds, the Sonos Arc Soundbar is a true beast of a machine and has capabilities to match — sound that feels 3D, 11 amplifiers, and more. The manufacturer recommends it to be paired with TVs that are at least 49 inches, meaning it will pair well with our favorite 65-inch TV deals going on at the moment. In our Sonos Arc Soundbar review, we called it “the Swiss Army knife” of soundbars due to its compatibility with several voice assistants, simple Dolby Atmos accessibility, and ability to add on a Sonos Sub to complete your experience if you like. Try it yourself to bring your home theater experience to the next level.

Sony — HT-A5000 — $800, was $1,000

Sony HT-A5000.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends / .

The Sony HT-A5000 is the music lover’s soundbar and our best soundbar of 2022 pick for music listening. Why? It handles all the music file formats. It covers advanced spots like DSD but also makes room for the humble and familiar .mp3 you already know and (begrudgingly?) love. Another cool component is that you don’t need yet another component to get the full home music setup experience … there’s a subwoofer built into the device. When you are ready to use it for the movies, do so easily with both 8K and 4K passthrough and the easy-to-control BRAVIA XR settings menu. It’ll even perform automatic room calibration for you in case you’re in an unbalanced room or have trouble doing so yourself.

Samsung 5.1.2-Channel Soundbar — $700, was $1,000

The Samsung HW-Q750B soundbar with rear speakers against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundbar comes with additional wireless speakers and a subwoofer so you don’t truly have to decide between soundbars or speakers for your purchase. Instead, the Samsung 5.1.2-Channel Soundbar provides all of the pieces you need for the ultimate surround sound experience, what goes in front and behind you. All of those pieces come together with what is known as Q-Symphony, which works by syncing Samsung’s sound equipment together to give a truly harmonious experience. Go even further when you use a Samsung QLED TV, such as the Samsung QN981000B, by activating SpaceFit Sound so your soundbar can actively measure and calibrate to the unique layout of your room. In other words, the Samsung 5.1.2-Channel Soundbar doesn’t start out as the perfect soundbar but quickly becomes the best as it learns your unique environment.

Bose Smart Soundbar 900 — $800, was $900

Bose Smart Soundbar 900.
Simon Cohen / Digital Trends / Digital Trends

The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is the best Dolby Atmos soundbar for Bose fans. It eases into the Dolby Atmos space without requiring all of the setup intensity that major 5.1.2 products (like the Samsung 5.1.1-Channel Soundbar, above) require. Select other Bose Bluetooth speakers can also be synced with the system, giving you a chance to evolve and refine your existing sound system rather than completely redoing it. Showing caution and understanding its user base, Bose uses proprietary TrueSpace tech in the Bose Smart Soundbar 900 to take stereo and 5.1 waves to the next level. Next, you can sync the audio to your Bose headphones to quickly switch from public to private listening, such as during your youngest’s bedtime routine. The Bose Smart Soundbar 900 is a great start, but it all comes together really smartly if your products happen to line up with each other just right.

Samsung — HW-Q750B/ZA — $480, was $800

The Samsung HW-Q750B soundbar with rear speakers against a white background.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Wrapping up our Cyber Monday soundbar deals, we want to show you the Samsung HW-Q750B/ZA. We have an ongoing list of the best soundbars under $500 that it hasn’t been able to make it on due to its rather large original price. However, with this deal going on, there is no doubt that the Samsung HW-Q750B/ZA would dominate. This is a complete home theater system, including the needed speakers and a subwoofer. Additionally, as a very modern product, it uses Wireless Dolby Atmos to connect without adding yet another wire to twist and coil throughout your system. With the Samsung HW-Q750B/ZA, you’ll also be able to enjoy the widest array of Dolby Atmos audio imaginable, including more specialized formats like Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. It’s a dominating system at a great price.

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