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The VIVOSUN GrowHub may be the future of indoor growing

When most people think of smart home tech, they likely imagine things like smart speakers, streaming devices, and maybe even internet-connected appliances. Yet one often-overlooked area that has also seen some innovation thanks to the smart home revolution is the hobby of indoor growing. And contrary to what you might think, technology doesn’t make indoor growing more complicated or difficult for the uninitiated — in fact, smart systems like the new VIVOSUN GrowHub with AeroLight allow you to fully automate the indoor growing process, making it easier and more accessible than ever. As of May 20, Digital Trends readers get an exclusive 12% off discount when using coupon code DTVS12 at checkout.

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The VivoSun GrowHub indoor smart growing system with AeroLight and VivoSun app.

The VIVOSUN GrowHub with AeroLight is the first completely automated indoor growing system. At the heart of the setup is the AeroLight, a fully integrated LED grow light combined with a circulation fan. The LED light is full-spectrum and programmable, meaning it allows you to schedule cyclical light changes to simulate dawn and sunset and different natural environments. It also has pre-programmed settings designed for every stage of your crops’ growth cycles, from seed to flower.

The AeroLight’s built-in circulation fan is designed to strike an ideal balance between airflow, CO2 exposure, and humidity to create the optimal growing environment and keep mold at bay. A unique heatsink configuration and dual ball-bearing fan design are both durable and quiet, with the AeroLight being rated for around 70,000 hours of operation. Extension brackets allow you to easily expand your grow setup with additional AeroLights without having to change settings.

All of this is controlled with the GrowHub, the first Wi-Fi-enabled indoor growing controller on the market. With the GrowHub, you can control light intensity, spectrum, temperature, fan speed, airflow, and humidity inside your grow tent to create the perfect ecosystem for your crops to thrive during every stage of growth. What’s more, you can schedule and automate the entire process for an easy and worry-free growing process. No more having to babysit your plants or constantly fiddle with individual pieces of equipment. The GrowHub Controller also logs all environmental changes so you can monitor the environment and the health of your crops and make any adjustments as needed.

You can mount the GrowHub Controller anywhere inside the tent and control everything with it, but thanks to the VIVOSUN mobile app, you don’t have to open the tent at all in order to manage your setup. The intuitive and easy-to-use VIVOSUN app interface puts you in command of all of the features and functions of the GrowHub and AeroLight indoor growing system (light, temperature, airflow, ventilation, humidity, etc.), allowing you to monitor and control everything from anywhere.

The VIVOSUN app will also notify you of any notable changes in the growing environment, and you can even program instructions to deal with any changes that occur. For instance, if the humidity exceeds a certain level, you can program the AeroLight to automatically bring it back down to your desired level, to name just one possibility of many. All of the historical data that the GrowHub Controller collects is uploaded to your app as well, with no storage or access limits.

The VIVOSUN GrowHub indoor smart growing system is the first of its kind, and it’s launching on Wednesday, April 20 (naturally). Whether you’re new to the world of indoor growing and are looking for a beginner-friendly setup, or you’re already a seasoned home grower looking to upgrade and automate your process, the VIVOSUN GrowHub with AeroLight is a great growing system for users of any experience level.

The AeroLight and Grow Hub are $299, with an early bird price of $249, saving you $50. Meanwhile, the full package with the AeroLight, Grow Hub and AeroZesh 6-inches is $409, and has an early bird price of $339, saving you $70. Those excellent discounts won’t last long so take advantage while you can! From May 20, Digital Trends readers can also take advantage of an exclusive 12% off discount when using coupon code DTVS12 at checkout.

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