These aren’t photos, they’re screenshots of PS4 launch titles

The PlayStation 4 will be unleashed on the public on November 15, and with it will come over 20 games designed with Sony’s next gen system in mind. That number will grow as the launch day turns into the launch window, and the launch window yields to the first year of the PS4’s life. At the moment, there are around 140 games confirmed for the PS4 and more are sure to follow.

But for those that are planning on picking up a PS4 on launch day, when November 15 rolls around there will be at least 20 choices for you to consider when deciding what game (or games) you should take home with your new console, or download once you are set up. Other games will come out soon after, but these are the titles that will certainly be available through the Christmas season, making them some of the most important games of the year.

The first and most obvious thing you will notice when you fire up a PS4 is the upgrade in graphics. That also makes the visuals one of the easiest things to focus on with the next gen games, at least until we’ve spent some time with the consoles and the games and really tested them to see what they can do. With that in mind check out the 20 PS4 launch titles, each with an accompanying screenshot. There will be a few others available to download as well, but these are the ones we are keeping a close eye on. As with the PS4, all the games on this list will be released on November 15.