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Amazon wants to bring back family game night with Echo Buttons

Echo Buttons are now available for purchase for your next game night

During its surprise Alexa-themed event on Wednesday, September 27, Amazon revealed a new gaming-centric peripheral for Alexa-compatible devices. Echo Buttons, which look like mini Staples Easy Buttons, were designed to encourage developers to make games for Amazon’s Echo line of Alexa-enabled products. Now, nearly three months after their big reveal, Echo Buttons are available for purchase.

Third-party developers will be able to use Echo Buttons’ Gadget API to create games that play through devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. The Echo Buttons were shown off with a sample of a trivia game using the Echo Dot in conjunction with the Buttons. When off, the actual buttons are white, but they illuminate either red or blue when active.

Given that the buttons merely have single-touch functionality, don’t expect any elaborate games. It is more likely that we will see different sorts of trivia and board games, the kind that appeal to a family game night in the living room. Hasbro is currently developing a version of Trivial Pursuit for use with the Echo Buttons, but so far that is the only confirmed game for Alexa devices.

Echo Buttons are being sold in two-packs for $20, and of course, are eligible for Prime shipping. If you enjoy party games or want something to do during family get-togethers around the holidays, Echo Buttons are an intriguing Echo add-on for the price. We’ll just have to wait and see if more developers show interest in developing for the API.

Echo Button

Echo Buttons were just one of several new products revealed at Amazon’s event. The second-generation Amazon Echo, dubbed the Cloth Echo, is approximately half the size of the original Echo and goes for $99 (yes, it is also covered in cloth). Meanwhile, for users who prefer the look of the first Echo, the Echo Plus retains the look of the original while being marketed as a smart home hub to go directly against Apple’s AirPod and Google Home. The Echo Plus retails for $150.

If you still have a landline phone, the Echo Connect ($35) lets you make calls through your Alexa device using your home phone number. Also, Amazon revealed the Echo Spot ($130), which lets you view security camera footage through its circular screen for $130.

Lastly, Amazon showed off its latest Fire TV, which is the first in the series to support 4K and HDR resolutions. And, naturally, the $70 Fire TV stick also comes with Alexa capabilities.

Update: Echo Buttons are available for purchase. 

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