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Here’s every new item you can get from Pirate Gulliver in Animal Crossing today

Gulliver has been washing up on the beaches of Animal Crossing towns and islands for decades now. He’s a clumsy bird that, for some reason, still needs a boat to get around. Although he hasn’t had much to offer players of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for a while now, the summer update changes all that.

Gulliver is back. Sort of. He’ll still wash up on your beach like before, but he’s sporting a new look and will dish out new rewards for getting him back in touch with his crew.

We’re not sure what has triggered his sudden career change, but a life of piracy clearly isn’t enough to finally give the silly bird his sea legs. When you find Pirate Gulliver washed up ashore — probably as you wade into the treacherous waters for a swim — you’ll have to poke and prod him just as much as before to get him up and about.

Once he’s running dry on nautical puns, it’s time to dig up his navigation tools and see him off your island once more. Your peaceful holiday home is no place for a problematic pirate.

All Pirate Gulliver rewards

Though plenty of us have taken to just ignoring him these days and letting him make his own way home, Pirate Gulliver has a bunch of new rewards to offer. He’ll send you one at random through the mail the day after you help him out.

With daily encounters being somewhat rare with Redd and Leif visiting from time to time, you’re going to want to make the most of any chance meeting with Gulliver. That’s the only way to get the entire Pirate set before he presumably hangs up his pirate hat and hands in his letter of resignation as the colder months set in.

Thanks to Reddit user SteeloKriPlayAC, we now know all the items you can get from Gulliver comprising the new Animal Crossing Pirate set. Here’s what you can grab:

Black pirate coat
Blue pirate coat
Red pirate coat
Black pirate overalls
Blue pirate overalls
Red pirate overalls
Black pirate dress
Blue pirate dress
Red pirate dress
Long treasure coat
Pirate boots
Blue pirate bandana
Blue pirate bandana
Red pirate bandana
Pirate captain’s hat
Pirate treasure crown
Pirate leggings
Pirate beard
Pirate eyepatch
Pirate wall
Pirate flooring
Treasure map
Pirate ship wheel
Pirate treasure
Pirate cannon
Sideways pirate barrel
Pirate barrel

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