How to increase faction loyalty and get rewards in Anthem

A Freelancer's guide to increasing faction loyalty and getting rewards in Anthem

Anthem Factions Guide

There are three factions in Anthem — Freelancers, Arcanists, and Sentinels — that you can increase your loyalty to by completing missions, contracts, and even small scale stuff like talking to people in Fort Tarsis. If you level up your loyalty to a faction, it’ll often result in rewards and it’s totally worth the effort.

As a Freelancer in Anthem, your job is to make the people of Fort Tarsis feel safe. Really, you go out on these dangerous expeditions with other Javelin-wearing heroes while almost everyone else hangs out in a fancy community center. Thankfully, the folks in Fort Tarsis do recognize your significant contributions in the form of loyalty points.

In our factions guide, we detail how to increase your loyalty as well as outline the rewards for leveling up factions. You can check the status of each faction by looking at the Challenges menu.

How to increase Freelancer loyalty

Anthem Factions Guide

Freelancers, your faction doesn’t have the greatest reputation at Fort Tarsis due to some mishaps you’ll learn about throughout the story. But the good news is you can increase your loyalty as a Freelancer organically.

Stumbling into new areas in Bastion — the world you explore in Anthem — and completing world events in Freeplay rewards you with loyalty. Chances are by the time you complete the cumbersome Legionnaires challenge you’ll already be up to level one loyalty.

You can also talk to Yarrow at Fort Tarsis. He’ll usually have missions and contracts you can pick up from the contracts board next to him that will reward you with the brunt of Freelancer loyalty points.

Freelancer rewards

Leveling up loyalty to the Freelancers faction will earn you universal components. These are blueprints that can be crafted to make passive effects and boosts for any Javelin. Here are the rewards for leveling up your loyalty to the Freelancers faction:

  • Freelancer Loyalty 1: Uncommon universal component blueprints, Standard wear state for Javelins (looks cooler)
  • Freelancer Loyalty 2: Rare universal component blueprints, Clean wear state for Javelins (looks even cooler)
  • Freelancer Loyalty 3: Epic universal component blueprints, New wear state for Javelins (looks the coolest)

How to increase Arcanists loyalty

Anthem Factions Guide

Arcanists are the brainiacs and lore folks of Anthem. They dedicate their lives to understanding the world of Bastion, its history, and why it is the way it is. They also go out on their own (mis)adventures that you’ll inevitably have to save them from. Other times they want you to find a rare item for their research.

As Arcanists are in the race for knowledge and lore, opening treasure chests throughout your adventure boosts your loyalty with them as well. We also received Arcanist loyalty points when completing world events in Freeplay.

Your main source of loyalty points with the Arcanists comes from completing missions handed out by Matthias in Fort Tarsis. You can also complete Arcanist missions from the contracts board next to him. These side missions take less time to complete than main missions.

Arcanist rewards

Leveling up Arcanist loyalty will earn you Sigil blueprints which let you craft consumables before missions for weapon/shield boosts. At level 10, you can craft one sigil per mission. At level 20, you can craft two, and at level 30 (the cap), you can craft threes. Here’s are the rewards you get for leveling up your loyalty to the Arcanists faction:

  • Arcanist Loyalty 1: Uncommon sigil blueprints, crafting materials
  • Arcanist Loyalty 2: Rare sigil blueprints, crafting materials
  • Arcanist Loyalty 3: Epic sigil blueprints, crafting materials

How to increase Sentinel loyalty

Anthem Factions Guide

The Sentinels are essentially the ruling class in Anthem. They are the commanders, the decision makers, and where the blame falls if things go awry. As a Freelancer, you will be working to make the Sentinels see you as a solid and reliable contributor to Fort Tarsis’ survival and prosperity.

To up your loyalty with the Sentinels, look out for harvestable rocks and plants that drop glowing crafting material. Harvesting this material is not only good for crafting but for increasing your loyalty with Sentinels.

The main source of increasing Sentinel loyalty comes from completing missions handed out by Sentinel Brin and Tassyn. This is good because a sizable percentage of mainline story missions come from these two. You can also take on contract side missions from the board beside Sentinel Brin to gain loyalty points. Like the other factions, we also improved our loyalty with the Sentinels by completing world events in Freeplay.

Sentinel rewards

Leveling up Sentinel loyalty will get you Iconic component blueprints, These are class-specific passive effects and boosts that can be crafted. Here’s what you get for leveling up the Sentinels faction:

  • Sentinel Loyalty 1: Uncommon iconic component blueprints, crafting materials
  • Sentinel Loyalty 2: Rare iconic component blueprints, crafting materials
  • Sentinel Loyalty 3: Epic iconic component blueprints, crafting materials
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