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How to defeat Titans in Anthem

Take down Anthem's most menacing monsters with ease using our guide

Knowing how to defeat Titans in Anthem is an incredibly valuable skill. As the most dangerous enemies you’ll face in Anthem, these giant goliath monsters are capable of killing you and your entire squad in seconds if you aren’t prepared. Titans can be found in the game’s open world, and they can largely be avoided if you don’t want to engage with them, but there are still several story missions that require you to battle them. The task might seem impossible, but it’s not if you know what to do. With our guide, you will not only survive against Titans but make them seem like playthings and gain impressive loot from the battles.

How to defeat Titans in Anthem

1. Squad up

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Titans are difficult to take down in a group, but they’re nearly impossible to kill when you’re by yourself. If you head out into the open world alone and run into a Titan, the fight will take an excruciatingly long time, if the big baddie doesn’t outright kill you before you can defeat it.

A Titan’s most vulnerable windows are usually when it’s launching an attack. This means that the attack’s target will be busy avoiding damage while the remaining squad members fire their weapons and use special abilities.

Because of the types of attacks Titans use, it’s also crucial that your squad splits up. Having more than two of you standing next to each other will lead to a swift death.

In missions near the end of Anthem’s storyline, you’ll encounter multiple Titans to fight at once. It’s extremely important that you communicate with your squad during these encounters, because four players firing at four different Titans will extend a fight considerably, and increase your chances of “wiping.” It also limits your ability to actually exploit the Titans’ vulnerability windows.

2. Shoot the glowing Titan parts

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If you’ve played a video game with boss battles before, you know that glowing spots on an enemy indicate weak points. This is the case with Titans, though their weak points are a little harder to exploit than those in other games.

The Titan will sometimes show no glowing points at all, and during these periods, your bullets and abilities will do very little damage. As it prepares an attack, however, you’ll see its arms and hands begin to glow. Fire with everything you have during these periods, and be prepared to dodge the attack it uses.

Titans will also occasionally glow from their chest and back as they launch an extremely damaging beam of energy toward one player. This is where being in a squad is particularly important, as the beam moves too quickly for its target to effectively fire back until it’s too late.

Save your Ultimate ability for when the Titan is vulnerable, particularly when it’s launching a beam attack. During this period, you should have time to use all three “charges” of the ability to damage it, and given its massive health pool, this is crucial to killing it in a timely manner.

If your squad-mates do happen to get knocked down, ensure that you’re in a  safe position to revive them or that the Titan is focused on someone else. Having one downed player makes the fight difficult but having two or three down can make it nearly impossible.

3. Know how to dodge the Titan attacks

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For the most part, Titans have the same attacks, regardless of their power level or name. There is one notable addition that will be detailed below:

Beam attack: When a Titan leans back and its chest starts to glow, it’s gearing up to fire a massive energy beam that is usually aimed at a specific target. Simply moving out the way won’t do, as the beam will follow the target even if they attempt to avoid it. This is one of the most damaging attacks in the entire game, and the player being targeted should drop whatever they’re doing and find something to hide behind when they see the Titan’s chest begin to glow.

Thrown fireballs: When a Titan conjures a giant fireball in front of it, it will soon launch several fireballs into the air that will track multiple enemies and cause damage on impact. These are fairly easy to avoid, but players bunched together will have a hard time getting out of the blast range. You generally have to avoid this attack regardless of where you are on the battlefield but a perfectly timed dodge away from the fireballs will usually keep you out of harm’s way.

Summoned fireballs: Another move similar to the thrown fireballs are summoned fireballs, and these can be more dangerous because of how easy they are to miss. These fireballs are summoned on the ground directly next to players and will explode a few seconds later. They do a similar amount of damage to the thrown fireballs but do not track players after they spawn. Simply dodging or flying away from them will keep you from being hit, though you will want to do this long before they explode or you might suffer fire damage.

Energy waves: One of the toughest attacks to avoid and one that can quickly kill multiple players, the Titan’s energy wave ability requires you to immediately focus on avoiding it. The first wave will be at ground level and can be jumped over, while the second will be higher up. This pattern will alter several times, so you must repeatedly jump and drop to avoid them all. If you are positioned high up or simply take off into the sky, you can avoid them all, but you will still be at risk of its other attacks.

Summoned minions: Higher-level “Elite” Titans and some of the Titans you’ll find in the open world will also summon weaker Elemental enemies throughout the battle. These enemies swarm players, exploding after reaching them, and can deal high damage if they aren’t killed quickly. Storm and Colossus Javelins are best to quickly take them down with their long-range area-of-effect attacks. The Interceptors Venom Spray or Cluster Mine is also useful. If absolutely necessary, your Ultimate ability can also eliminate them quickly.

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