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Apex Legends’ latest hero Seer is a stealthier Bloodhound

At today’s EA Play Live event, EA and Respawn revealed the trailer for Apex Legends season 10, known as Emergence. The two companies provided new information about the playable character Seer, a recon hero who uses small drones and a heartbeat sensor to reveal enemies’ movements within a given area.

Apex Legends: Emergence Launch Trailer

Beyond Seer, Apex game director Chad Grenier discussed the next year of the Apex Legends Global Series and announced that Xbox and PlayStation players will be invited to compete alongside PC players.

Grenier describes Seer as a tracker, similar to existing character Bloodhound but with a different play style. While Bloodhound is fairly aggressive, Seer is designed to be played more stealthily. His passive ability is a heartbeat sensor that can be used while aiming down sights. The sensor will give players hints as to enemies’ locations. His tactical sends out a multitude of small drones that will reveal and track enemies as they move.

Seer, Bloodhound, and Rampart face off on World's Edge.

His ultimate ability creates a sphere around an area of the battlefield that reveals and tracks all enemies moving through it. In order to remain hidden while in the area, enemies are forced to move more slowly. All of these abilities can be seen in the new Emergence cinematic trailer, which premiered at the show. A full gameplay reveal trailer is coming on Monday, July 26.

Grenier also touched on the upcoming additions to Arenas. The team wants to expand Apex Legends beyond battle royale gameplay and plans to do so with the new ranked Arenas mode. Beyond the ranked mode, Grenier revealed that there are new Arenas maps in the works and even more new aspects that have yet to be revealed.

The Apex Legends Global Series is returning in September with a $5 million prize pool and a new competition ecosystem. Xbox and PlayStation players will be allowed to compete with and against PC players in the professional and amateur circuits.

Grenier did not mention any of the upcoming changes to the World’s Edge map, nor did he mention anything about the new Rampage gun, both of which were announced earlier this week. However, the cinematic trailer did show the Rampage, which appears to use grenades as ammo. More will be explained in the gameplay reveal and when the season launches on August 3.

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