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Apex Legends to debut limited-time event. Season 2 reveal set for E3 2019

Apex Legends Season 2 e3 2019 limited time event legendary hunt

Update: EA revealed Season 2 details during the EA Play event ahead of E3 — and it looks awesome. Read all the details here.

Season 2 of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale, is on the horizon and the game studio is set to share some details during E3 2019. Before that, though, Respawn is delivering the first limited-time event and will also be hosting a double XP weekend during E3. The event is called Legendary Hunt, and features a special player queue for the best players around. Completion of its challenges nets you unique skins for one of the legends.

This is the first look at limited-time events in Apex Legends, something fellow battle royale titles Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds use to great effect. This first experience takes advantage of something the competitors don’t have: Unique heroes. The legend Bloodhound is the focus of the first LTE and it’s called Legendary Hunt.

During this new event, Apex Legends players can jump into the Apex Elite Queue to take on the best players around. Your goal is to place top 5 in any match and you’ll have to keep placing top 5 to continue playing. Participating in Legendary Hunt challenges will earn you rare, epic, and legendary skins, including the Master of the Hunt skin for Bloodhound.

Legendary Hunt is part of the first season, called Wild Frontier, and the developers are improving the Battle Pass before the next season rolls in. Three legendary items are being added when the update goes live on June 4, making it so that every 25 levels on the premium track include a legendary item. The final reward at level 100 is an evolving weapon skin with an addition recolor version that unlocks for those that push to 110.

The Apex Legends team is also gearing up to show more of what season 2 will feature. Respawn will be participating in the EA Play livestream during E3 2019 on June 8 and the team is already throwing out some of the things that will be discussed. Players can expect are daily and weekly challenges that level up your battle pass, fine-tuned battle pass progress, new rewards, and new content categories to replace badge and stat trackers. Things not mentioned in this particular blog post but expected: A new playable character, new theme, and changes to the game’s map.

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