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Apex Legends’ new season drops a dead kaiju in the game

When Apex Legends‘ newest season, Saviors, drops on May 10, it’ll bring some major changes to the battle royale game. Notably. the game’s Storm Point map will see a drastic change thanks to a new activity and a giant, crustacean monster that’s died in the middle of the battlefield.

Apex Legends: Saviors is the shooter’s 13th season and it’s continuing its story in some creative ways. Not only does it add a compelling character in Newcastle, but it also opens up the game’s lore further by introducing the monster, which has some history with the game’s heroes.

A dead monster lies on Apex Legends' Storm point map.

Prior to Saviors kicking off, it appears that the giant monster rose from the sea and began attacking Storm Point. The heroes successfully fought it off, but how exactly do you move a monster corpse once its dead? Apparently, the solution was to simply work around it, as the dead kaiju will become a new point of interest (POI) on the map in Saviors. That ups the map’s POI count from 17 to 18, as players can battle around and seemingly inside of it.

While that’s the most visible change, Saviors also adds an entirely new activity on the map. IMC Armories now appear on the map, and when players interact with them, they enter a 60-second combat encounter PVE minigame. No third parties can interfere while the armory is active, so squads or solo players can try the activity without fear of being killed. Completing the activity rewards players with precious loot.

An armory appears in Apex Legends' Storm Point map.

The feature is only coming to Storm Point for now, but Respawn Entertainment says it could be added to other maps depending on player reaction. As for map rotation, this season’s trios playlist will cycle between Storm Point, Olympus, and World’s Edge.

Apex Legends: Saviors begins on May 10 on all supported platforms.

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