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New Apex Legends trailer reveals new skins, Arena maps, and more

Today’s Apex Legends gameplay reveal trailer showed off next season’s big changes to the World’s Edge map, new skins for the upcoming battle pass, and more. The changes to World’s Edge, known as Decimated World’s Edge, include a complete rework of several map areas and major graphical updates. In addition to the new Rampage LMG weapon, which uses grenades as ammo, next season will feature new skins for Valkyrie, Lifeline, Horizon, and more.

Apex Legends: Emergence Gameplay Trailer

Under the lore guise of a major climate disaster, World’s Edge has changed significantly. The Refinery area has been replaced with an area known as Climatizer, which brings significantly more loot and more areas to fight over. A large river of lava now runs all the way from Climatizer to Fragment East, making it more difficult to cross between zones. Sorting Factory has been replaced by Lava Siphon, which provides more of the walkable lava terrain.

Valkyrie models a new horned purple skin.

Finally, Train Yard has been affected by a landslide, which has destroyed most of the existing buildings and forces players to fight out in the open more. In addition to these zone changes, Respawn is bringing back the spirit of the original map’s trains with new rideable gondolas.

The trailer gave a sneak peek at some of the character and weapon skins that will be available in the Emergence battle pass. Valkyrie is getting a new mecha-like purple skin, while Horizon is getting a similar outfit in blue.

Respawn is introducing new Arenas maps, including one of the lava-filled locations on World’s Edge, the base of Oasis in Olympus, and a shantytown in King’s Canyon. The trailer ended with a look at one of new character Seer’s finishing moves, which is a dramatic roundhouse kick.

Apex Legends season 10 launches on August 3.

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