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Respawn issues temporary fix for Apex Legends bug causing PS4s to crash

Apex Legends PS4 crash bug error Lifeline banner frame

If you’re playing Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale on PlayStation 4 and are experiencing some crashing issues, the culprit has been discovered. A recent update for PlayStation Plus Apex Legends rewards, unfortunately, includes a bug where a banner frame for the Lifeline character causes the console to crash. The developers shared on Reddit that they were aware of the issues plaguing players that have downloaded the latest update and they have implemented a temporary fix.

Lifeline, the combat medic among Apex Legends’ collection of heroes, is the owner of the frame that is causing PS4s to crash. Specifically, her “Pick Me Up” banner is the problem, and Respawn Entertainment laid out all of the ways you can encounter the error. If you hover over it in the customization menu, view your or another player’s banner card, and it’s equipped, or inspecting a friend in the lobby while they have it equipped, the game attempts to call up a non-existent file and that causes the crash. Respawn’s community manager clarified that no other changes were made to the game in the update and that it was specific to PS4 players.

Banners are one of the ways Apex Legends players get to show off their style and skills. You can change the character pose, badge, trackers, and the frame. The trackers can show off various stats like how many wins you have in the current season or how many players you’ve raised from a downed state. The pose shows off your favorite Legend in different ways and the badge can be a collection of different logos. The frame, which is the culprit in these crashing errors, changes the color and design of the banner.

A partial fix for the issue was implemented, and the Lifeline banner is currently disabled until a full fix for Apex Legends can be pushed out. The devs do warn that crash may still occur if the banner is unlocked or you attempt to equip it but make sure you that you have your copy of Apex Legends updated to the most up-to-date version and you can airdrop into the battlefield with no problems for the time being.

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