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Apex Legends Mobile drops this month with exclusive modes

The long-awaited Apex Legends Mobile is finally set to launch in May. While the game doesn’t have a set date, developer Respawn confirmed new details about the title.

Apex Legends Mobile isn’t a port of the popular battle royale game. Respawn emphasizes that it is a completely stand-alone experience designed with mobile in mind. The developer has been testing the game in a series of betas worldwide over the past year, but it’s officially opening the doors sometime this month.

In a press event, Respawn confirmed that the game will feature some new modes that are “exclusive” to the title. The team didn’t reveal what those modes are or whether or not they’ll be included at launch, but the announcement reaffirms that the release isn’t just compressing the main game into a mobile version.

The game won’t feature all of the content from the base game at launch either. A character select screen showed a stripped-down roster that includes old favorites like Pathfinder and Bangalore. The team also notes that the base game’s original map, Kings Canyon, has been reworked for the mobile version.

The update comes as Apex Legends prepares to launch another new season, entitled Saviors. The update will bring a new hero to the game, as well as changes to the Storm Point map, which will have a dead kaiju crustacean sitting in the center of it. Those changes don’t appear to be coming to Apex Legends Mobile at the moment.

Apex Legends Mobile will launch sometime this May. Android and iOS users can preregister for the game today.

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