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How to get the Moonlight Sword in Armored Core 6

FromSoftware has had a long history with many franchises, such as the early Kingsfield games that transitioned into the Dark Souls series, and it now returns to its mecha franchise with Armored Core 6. Despite how different and disconnected these franchises may be, every FromSoftware game of this type has one signature weapon included. The Moonlight Greatsword, or in this case, the IA-CO1W2: Moonlight, is typically one of the best weapons in the games it appears in, and is at the very least worth finding in Armored Core 6. Here's where you can pick up this legendary blade.




30 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach chapter 4's Reach the Coral Convergence mission

How to get the Moonlight Sword

The Moonlight Sword is hidden a good way into Armored Core 6, so you will need to play through and beat a couple of bosses, then reach Chapter 4 before you can get it.

Step 1: Reach Chapter 4 and begin the "Reach the Coral Convergence" mission.

Step 2: Go through the mission until you encounter the large bridge leading to a crumbling city.

A mech looking out at a crumbling city and bridge.
Bandai Namco Entertainment

Step 3: Go to the end of the bridge, where you will need to take out three big-wheel mechs.

Step 4: At the edge of the bridge, look down and to the left to spot some more enemies guarding a chest on a piece of concrete.

Step 5: Drop down and take them out to clear the chest.

Step 6: Crack it open and claim the legendary blade.

A picture of the moonlight sword part being obtained.
Bandai Namco Entertainment

If you missed the Moonlight Sword when first doing this mission, you can always get it by replaying the mission, so it is impossible to miss permanently.

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