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How to beat Sea Spider in Armored Core 6

After the difficult chapter 1 final boss, you should be ready for a similar experience when you hit the end of chapter 2 in Armored Core 6. These final tests are here to make sure you’re ready to go on to the next level of difficulty in the game, ensuring your AC has the proper gear and weapons to handle the next set of missions. The Sea Spider is not going to give you a moment to think, so you will need to come in with a proper setup and plan of attack. Here’s how to beat the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6.

Sea Spider boss guide

A green and yellow mech fighting a spider boss mech.
Bandai Namco Entertainment

When prepping your AC for this fight, we suggest slapping on a pair of Gatling guns for your arms and twin Songbirds for your shoulder weapons. The Songbirds are there to inflict as much stagger as possible in the shortest amount of time, which you can then follow up with the consistent damage of your Gatlings. The only other thing to make sure to have is your own set of spider legs. During the boss’s second phase, you will want to be able to stay airborne.

During the initial phase, there are a few attacks you want to keep an eye out for. The first is when it lifts up its front legs and pulls out two blades to slam down in a small area if effect. If you’re quick, you can dash forward while it’s winding up to get under/behind it for free damage. The second is a big laser shot it charges up after retreating. Just time your dodge here to avoid the blast.

The second phase begins when the Sea Spider starts to fly and shoot waves of energy. This is where your spider legs come in handy to stay in the air as well and at a good distance. Let your Songbirds do the work until it is staggered before getting in close. The only major danger in this second phase is when the boss starts twirling its limbs around like a sawblade. If you’re caught in this, you’re likely dead, so boost far away to be safe. If you pay attention, you will have it beat in no time.

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