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How to kill the Hag in Back 4 Blood

Although it’s one of the most infrequent Special Ridden in the entire game, the Hag is one of Back 4 Blood‘s most menacing threats. It doesn’t look all that imposing — and it’s not actively looking to start a fight — but anyone who startles it will be in for an intense shootout.

If you’re looking to kill the Hag in Back 4 Blood, there are a few things you’ll need to be aware of. Of course, your best bet is steering clear of it to begin with, but here’s what you need to know if you’ve managed to gain the attention of the horrific beast.

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How to kill the Hag in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood Hag startled by players.
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It’s worth pointing out that Hags won’t attack any of the Cleaners unless provoked. You’ll often find it roaming around aimlessly — and it’s content to mind its own business if you’ll mind yours. Startle the Hag, however, and you’ll want to take it down as soon as possible. While there are plenty of creative ways to deal with a Hag, these tricks tend to work best:

  • Keep your distance: If you’re familiar with the Witches in Left 4 Dead, you’re already familiar with how to fight a Hag. Its primary attack is deadly at close range, but it lacks any sort of projectile to injure Cleaners who keep their distance.
  • Kiting and fighting: Common in MMORPGs, kiting is a technique that allows you to hold an enemy’s attention while staying out of harm’s way. When fighting a Hag, kiting is a popular technique. Simply have the fastest member of your crew kite the Hag while the rest of the team attacks it.
  • Fire at the weak spots: A Hag’s weak spot is located on their back, so that means you’ll need one member of your team to lure it away from the group while the rest open fire. If you don’t have a clear shot at its hindquarters, try and get your kiting teammate to change their movements so you don’t waste ammo.
  • Use grenades: These items deal massive damage, and Hags can usually be eliminated with a few well-placed throws.
  • Breakout Cards: If you know you’re planning to fight a Hag, consider slotting a Breakout Card into your Deck. This allows you to free yourself from grabs and makes it easier to survive this challenging encounter.

Don’t fight Hags if you can help it

Since Hags are one of the few Special Ridden that won’t actively seek out a fight, it’s in your best interest to avoid a battle. In fact, careful players can likely make it through the entire Back 4 Blood campaign without ever facing off against a Hag. Not only are these fights a massive waste of resources — you’ll need a lot of ammo and more than a few bandages — but they’re entirely unnecessary and an easy way to derail your efforts to reach the next safe room.

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