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Back 4 Blood’s first DLC sends players into Ridden caves

Back 4 Blood‘s main campaign ends with a massive boss fight underground, and the game’s upcoming DLC is set to drag players back down into the Ridden-infested depths. First revealed in Back 4 Blood‘s road map, the Tunnels of Terror expansion now has a release date. Players will be able to fight their way through packs of Ridden underground with the aid of new Cleaners and weapons on April 12.

Ridden Hives are about to emerge. Are you ready? #TunnelsofTerror #B4BToT

— Back 4 Blood (@back4blood) April 4, 2022

The two new Cleaners being added to Back 4 Blood with Tunnels of Terror are Sharice and Heng. The former gives teams a health bonus and resistance to trauma, while Heng can sense nearby hive entrances and gear, all while letting teammates re-use some of their gear. Along with new cleaners, the expansion also introduces a new special infected variant of each type. Players will be hunted through the tunnels by spike-filled Urchins, Shredders, and Rippers.

To tackle these new enemies, players will have both new weapons and new cards at their disposal. Seven weapons and 12 cards will be added to the game, although only one of each was shared through a new trailer for the expansion. A new shotgun, that seemingly comes packed with incendiary buckshot, will be available to players, along with a card that powers up bash attacks every three seconds.

A new difficulty mode for Back 4 Blood will also launch alongside Tunnels of Terror. Called “No Hope,” the difficulty mode will, assumedly, pit players up against nearly impossible odds.

With Tunnels of Terror‘s release date fast approaching, Back 4 Blood only has two more expansions left. According to the game’s roadmap, another two expansions, neither of which have been named, are slated to release this year.

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