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Back 4 Blood’s first DLC adds new cleaners and monsters

Back 4 Blood‘s first expansion finally has a launch date, and developer Turtle Rock Studios has already revealed the new content players can expect for its co-op zombie shooter.

Tunnels of Terror will be coming to Fort Hope on April 12th, 2022. Here's a little sneak peek on what to look forward to!

— Back 4 Blood (@back4blood) March 1, 2022

In a post on Twitter, Turtle Rock Studios announced that Back 4 Blood‘s first expansion of 2022 will launch on April 12. Titled Tunnels of Terror, the expansion will add two new cleaners to the game, Sharice and Heng, along with a suite of other new content. Players who purchase the expansion will also encounter three new kinds of special infected in missions — Rippers, Shredders, and Urchins — and be able to play a new PvE activity called Ridden Hives.

The expansion will also give players access to a bevy of cosmetics. While they won’t fend off the undead hordes, players can at least look good while they’re being mauled to death with some new cleaner and weapon skins. In terms of actually helpful content, 15 new cards are included in the expansion as well, along with new legendary weapons and weapon attachments.

Back 4 Blood‘s two new Cleaners seem to be the biggest addition in this expansion, although Turtle Rock Studios hasn’t shared what makes them special just yet. Each Cleaner in the game has their own special ability, with some gaining health with each melee kill and others giving their team an extra life. Sharice seems to be dressed as a firefighter, so she may have bonuses to melee damage with axes or Molotov cocktails.

Tunnels of Terror is Back 4 Blood‘s first of three expansions to launch this year. The remaining two expansions don’t have launch dates at the moment, but Back 4 Blood’s road map has confirmed that they will launch sometime in 2022.

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