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MOBA-like shooter 'Battleborn' is now effectively free-to-play

Battleborn: Free Trial Launch Trailer
Gearbox Software’s Battleborn, a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)-like shooter, released last year to remarkably little fanfare as it was overshadowed by Overwatch. But you’ll now be able to play it without spending a dime, as it is effectively going free-to-play.

The “Battleborn free trial” isn’t really a trial at all. All players can now get access to the game’s entire collection of maps and modes for free. There’s no time limit — the program is now available on consoles and PC, so you can go play it right now.

As of now, there are four different modes in Battleborn, with a fifth, “Supercharge,” arriving on June 22. Like the others, it will be completely free.

Similarly to other free-to-play games like Killer Instinct, free trial players will be limited to just a few characters. Six will be available at any given time, and they’ll be rotated out each week to make way for new ones. If you find that there’s a certain character you like, you still don’t necessarily have to pay cash, as they’ll be available through in-game currency. For those who want them immediately, they can also be purchased with real money, and a season pass is available to unlock the last four characters.

The Battleborn free trial will not give players access to the game’s story missions. These can be purchased separately through the game’s marketplace, as can additional customization options for heroes. The full game is also available through digital storefronts, but it’s still being sold for $30. We highly recommend checking out your local stores for a physical copy, as they’re readily available for a fraction of that price. Those who already own particular pieces of content when they purchase the full game will be awarded bonus credits. Battleborn players who started the game prior to June 6 will also be rewarded with addition credits, skins, loot packs, and cosmetic “flair” items.

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