Battlefield 3 releases insane beta numbers

You like it, you really like it. Or at least you liked it enough to try it. That statement is true of 8.1 million gamers that downloaded and tried out the recent beta for Battlefield 3. To put that in perspective, that is the entire population of New York City (not counting the metro), it is the number of Kinects sold in the first 60 days, and if every person that played the beta chipped in a dollar they could all buy 6 Bugati Veyrons. Consider your mind blown.

Along with the 8.1 million people figure, DICE also released a handful of other stats, which are located in the graphic above. Among the most eye-opening is the longest headshot, at 635.6 meters and 1.5 billion kills. Billion, with a “B.” In a real world setting, a sniper shot of 635.6 meters wouldn’t be all all that remarkable (the longest recorded shot is 2,475 meters), but for a video game to be able to clear display 635.6 meters of visible area, probably more, is incredible.  

All of those fancy stats simply mean that there is a lot of interest in Battlefield 3. Hopefully the massive influx of gamers gave DICE whatever they needed from the beta to ensure a solid multiplayer experience, but we’ll find ouy soon enough when Battlefield 3 is released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on October 25.

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