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The top 5 best offensive playbooks in Madden 22

Madden 22 is all about big plays and big moments. With 32 different teams featuring vastly different offensive playbooks, you’ll rarely play the same team twice. Are you a pocket passer like Tom Brady or a scrambling magic-maker like Patrick Mahomes? Maybe you prefer to run the ball up and down the field with Derik Henry or Dalvin Cook. No matter your preference, there’s a playbook built for you in Madden 22. Here are the top 5 offensive playbooks in Madden 22.

General offensive schemes

A wide receiver and defensive back are tangled up in Madden 22.
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Like the defensive playbooks, every offensive in Madden 22 will run several of the same plays, be it out of the gun or under center. These include quick passes like Slants and mid-distance passes like TE Dive. Offensive playbooks differ when it comes to that specific team’s preference. The Ravens and Lamar Jackson feature some of the most complex Read Option plays in the game, while Tom Brady and the Bucs can throw the ball deep in-between zones.

Yes, most players can take any offensive playbook and run plays they’re familiar with. Madden 22 heats up when you learn how different formations stack up against different defensive looks. Understanding Weak vs. Strongside runs and why tight formations work against man coverage will mean the difference between touchdowns and turnovers.

Let’s go over some general concepts you’ll see in every playbook and how certain offenses approach them.


Singleback offensive formation in Madden 22.
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In the Singleback formation, the QB lines up under center while one RB stands in the backfield. You’ll either have WRs bunched on one side of the ball or spread out on both sides. Singleback works for passing and running situations and keeps the defense honest against both.

I Form

The I Formation in Madden 22.
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In the I Form, your QB lines up under center, with a FB and HB standing behind him. As a run-heavy formation, you’re telling the defense what you’re doing and daring them to stop it. This makes Play Action Passes out of the I more lethal, as defenses will most likely commit to the run on 1st and 2nd down. Just be sure to get those passes out quick; LBs are closing in fast.

Strong and Weak

These formations determine which side of the offensive line your FB lines upon. In Strong, your FB lines up to the side of the O-Line with the most blockers, usually two linemen and a TE. In Weak, they line up on the opposite side. The point is to confuse the defense as to which side you’re running the ball on. With several passing options, these formations are well-rounded but lean towards the run.


Shotgun offensive formation in Madden 22.
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In the Shotgun formation, your QB will stand a few yards back from the line of scrimmage and catch the ball from the Center when it’s snapped. Shotgun is primarily for passing situations but has several inside and outside handoffs mixed in. You’ll be running most of your Read Option plays out of the gun as well.


The Pistol formation in Madden 22.
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The Pistol formation is wildly popular in college and has found its way into the NFL in the age of mobile QBs. In the Pistol, the QB lines up in Shotgun, but an RB stands deep in the backfield. Another player will occasionally flank the QB on the left or right in different Pistol formations.

The best offensive playbooks in Madden 22

Now that we understand the core offensive formations, it’s time to pick them apart further with the top 5 offensive playbooks in Madden 22. We’ve made sure to include a playbook for every playstyle in this list.

The Baltimore Ravens

Image used with permission by copyright holder

Let’s dive right in with the new-age of the NFL, scrambling QBs and the Read Option. Now, this is not a guide on how to execute the Option. All we’ll say is knowing the difference between RPO and Option plays is important. RPO stands for Run, Pass, Option, meaning you’ve got three decisions to make on the play: throw to a receiver, handoff to the RB, or keep it with the QB. Option plays are purely run plays involving multiple outs such as handoffs, shovel passes, and pitches.

The Ravens’ Offense has 23 RPO plays for you to choose from, and the Shovel Option, made famous by Travis Kelse and Patrick Mahomes near the goal line. You can either run with the QB, pitch inside to the HB, or pitch outside to the TE.

Passing-wise, the Ravens aren’t known for basic passing plays. Utilize the 26 different PA Passes, and RPO plays to give opposing defenses a splitting headache on the field.

The New Orleans Saints

A Saints and Vikings player match up in tight coverage in Madden 22.
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The Saints have always been at the top of the passing attack, but with Drew Brees’ retirement, we’ll have to see what becomes of the black and gold. In Madden 22, the Saints have one of the best pass-focused playbooks in the game. With Alvin Kamara in the backfield, players who lean on their check-down throws can trust in the Saints’ playbook and the wide variety of RB routes to run.

The Pistol formation pops up in the Saints’ playbook as well. Use the Pistol to confuse defenses into playing conservatively on 1st and 2nd down. Because the Pistol combines Shotgun and Single-Back formations, you have equal opportunity to run or throw the ball. However, the Saints’ Pistol only comes with the Bunch option, meaning three receivers bunch together on the right, and one receiver is out to the left. By default, the Pistol comes with three WRs and a TE. However, you can use the Right Stick to change to a four WR package. The Bunch is perfect against tight man coverage but can get confusing when the defense is in the zone.

The San Francisco 49ers

49ers player standing in the foreground in Madden.
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The 49ers are hoping to relive the glory days of Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. They’ll do so with a lethal passing attack mixed with some solid running plays. The Split Close and Split Close Pro formation out of the Shotgun opens up the passing and running game. Furthermore, you can switch to a TE at FB package to add more receiving versatility to the field. Split Close comes with three WRs, and Pro comes with a TE and two WRs.

The 49ers’ run plays are easy to learn and, with the right packages, can be changed at the line to adapt to what the defense is showing. As long as you’ve got George Kittle or an elite TE in Ultimate Team, keep subbing him in place of the FB for max productivity.

The Las Vegas Raiders

A Raiders player stiff arms a defender in Madden.
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John Gruden has had a rocky re-entry into the NFL. The Raiders seem to be good at the beginning of the year and then fall apart towards the end. It’s a shame because they have a great offensive playbook full of fancy formations to pass and run from. The Bunch TE formation out the Shotgun puts your big-boy TEs together on the left or right side of the line. As excellent blockers, you can rely on them to open up holes in your running game, which makes Play Action out of this formation even deadlier.

The Raider’s Singleback sets like Ace and Wing Tight add extra blockers on the line of scrimmage, giving your QB more time to sit in the pocket and wait for deeper routes to develop. The Raiders also have a handful of Read Option plays to choose from, including RPO Alert WR Screen, which gives you a screen pass, an inside run, a QB run, and an out route, all on the same play.

The New England Patriots

Cam Newton doing the superman in Madden.
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They sure do miss Tom Brady up in Foxborough. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Josh McDaniels has one of the best offensive playbooks in NFL history. Adding Cam Newton to the team added the RPO game that was missing from the New England playbook for many years.

The Pats playbook features the Weak Pistol formation, which includes a FB to the QB’s left side. However, you can sub in a TE or another HB if your FB isn’t the best or you’re looking for more passing options.

The Pats playbook features 307 passing plays, seven Option plays, and 24 RPOs. If you’re looking for a pass-heavy mix of everything, the Patriots playbook may be the one for you. Known for keeping several RBs on the Depth Chart, switch to the Dual HB package in Pistol, Strong, and Weak formations to get both Damien Harris and James White on the field. You may have to sub one of them manually based on the in-game depth chart.

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