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Best Diablo 4 Druid build: recommended skills, passives, and gear

Diablo 4’s Druid class is effective, allowing players to shapeshift and use magic to damage opponents from afar. It’s an intimidating class to use, especially compared to some of the classics, but once you have the right build, the Druid can be devastating. It takes a little while to get it going, but once you master the art of this class, it’s highly effective.

In this guide, we’ll cover the very best Druid build in Diablo 4.

Recommended build

Druid stats and skills in Diablo 4.
Blizzard Entertainment

There are plenty of fantastic Druid builds, but one we’ve gravitated toward focuses on poison while consistently healing. This allows you to dish out damage over time, without worrying about dying (as often). The poison damage is incredibly useful and borderline overpowered if you know how to use it. This build also leans into Werewolf transformation, which allows you to heal (more on that below) as you shapeshift to and from being a Human.

Must-have skills


  • Claw 7/5: Basic attack. Make sure to upgrade to Enhanced Claw and Fierce Claw.


  • Shred 7/5: This deals more damage and poisons your foes. Upgrade to Enhanced Shred and Raging Shred.


  • Blood Howl 7/5: This allows you to shapeshift into a Werewolf to heal. Upgrade to Enhanced Blood Howl and Preserving Blood Howl.
  • Cyclone Armor 1/5: This is useful for knocking enemies back. Upgrade to Enhanced Cyclone Armor and Innate Cyclone Armor.


  • Poison Creeper 6/5: Use this to deal massive amounts of poison damage. Upgrade to Enhanced Poison Creeper and Ferocious Poison Creeper.


  • Rabies 5/5: Deals regular damage, as well as poison damage to foes nearby. Upgrade to Enhanced Rabies and Natural Rabies.

Must-have passives

Key Passive

  • Bestial Rampage: This grants you additional attack speed after transforming to Werewolf form.


  • Heart of the Wild 3/3: Increases max Spirit.
  • Abundance 3/3: Basic skills generate more spirit.
  • Predatory Instinct 3/3: Crit Strike chance increased.


  • Ancestral Fortitude 3/3: Use this to increase your non-physical resistance.


  • Call of the Wild 3/3: Grants Companion with 30% additional damage.
  • Clarity 3/3: Gain Spirit when transforming into Human form.


  • Neurotoxin 3/3: Poisoned enemies are slowed.
  • Toxic Claws 3/3: Additional poison damage over time.


  • Mad Wolf’s Glee (Chest Armor): Additional physical damage and poison damage, along with damage reduction from enemies that are poisoned. Gain 2+ Ranks to all Werewolf skills.
  • Stormclaw’s Penitent Hammer (Two-Handed Mace): Critical Strikes with Shred deal 40% damage as Lightning damage.
  • Skinwalker’s Archon Faulds (Pants): Gain 89 life when shapeshifting.
  • Nighthowler’s Band (Ring): Blood Howl increases Crit Strike chance by 5%.

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