Best gaming controllers of 2012

Best game controllers ps3 xbox 360 wii uEach year the need for a better selection of controllers becomes more apparent. On one end of the spectrum you have the extremely well crafted controllers designed for professional use, and on the other you have the budget controllers for people that need something new but don’t want to spend a massive amount of money. And then there is everything in between.

The controller field is constantly expanding. There is something for everyone out there, whether you are looking to improve the response time in a competitive field, or you are looking for something a bit more unusual to enhance the gameplay experience. 2012 has seen a wealth of choices in this field, regardless of what you are looking for. Here are our favorites of the year.

best gaming controllers of 2012 peregrine wearable interfacePeregrine Wearable Interface Glove

This controller for PCs is more of an experience than a functional controller. It works as a controller too, but it isn’t quite as convenient or functional as a traditional mouse. The novelty, however, of being able to control your game through the wave of a hand, thus fulfilling the dreams of the Nintendo Power Glove, is a legitimate trade off. The Peregrine Glove offers a glance at the future, a future where the simplistic nature of the motion controllers like the Kinect are replaced by true motion based controllers like the future has been promising us through movies for years.

best gaming controllers of 2012 fus1on ps3 controllerPower A Fus1on Xbox 360/PS3

Earlier this year Power A made its way into the pro controller market with the Fus1on series, designed by and for pro gamers. Beyond just the increased response time and functionality you expect from a controller designed for professional use, the Fus1on is also made for customizable comfort and style. This is a serious controller for a serious gamer.

best gaming controllers of 2012 razer onzateRazer Onya Xbox 360/PS3

Razer is a juggernaut in the gaming accessory field. They are always on the cutting edge of peripherals, and that includes controllers – especially the Onya. One of the best-selling pro controllers on the market, the Onya is designed with professional gaming in mind. The $49 price point also makes this one of the best values if you are looking for this type of controller.

best gaming controllers of 2012 rock candy 360 controllerRock Candy for Xbox 360/PS3/Wii

On the opposite end of the spectrum from the high dollar controllers made for pros are Rock Candy’s offerings, which are perfect for gamers on a budget. With offerings for the three major systems, and seven colors for each type of controller, these are fun and festive alternatives to a standard controller.

best gaming controllers of 2012 wii u proWii U Pro Controller

The Wii U’s biggest selling point is the GamePad and all that it offers. But with so many games being ported over to the system after being designed for a different controller scheme, and more cross platform titles on the way, the Wii U Pro Controller might be a better fit for many. If nothing else, it gives you an entirely different way to play the Wii U, which enriches the overall experience.