Bow before Destiny’s queen, get sweet Legendary gear

bow destinys queen get sweet legendary gear destiny  queens wrath

Bungie’s latest in-game Destiny event, The Queen’s Wrath, tweaks the game’s bounty system to add a new, more challenging category and a crop of new rewards in the form of unique and Legendary gear. Once you’ve received a pop-up message about it in-game, simply head back to the Tower and visit the bounty vendor there to take on a new set that, much like Vanguard and Crucible bounties, gradually earn you favor with the Queen.

Completing these bounties also earns you a special currency, one specific to the Queen’s Wrath event, that you can spend with the Queen’s emissary, a new Tower vendor. As with Vanguard/Crucible, completing bounties eventually ranks you up. At rank one, you’ve only got access to cosmetic items — emblems and shaders, specifically — as well as a 10-percent boost to Queen reputation gains. The second rank unlocks unique class armor and powerful weapons for purchase, and the third rank opens up even more powerful weapons.

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On top of all that, completing bounties for the Queen also opens up special Kill Orders. These limited time story challenges send you back into the campaign with specific tasks to complete, usually with challenge-raising modifiers applied. Completing those Kill Orders opens up even more gear with the Queen’s emissary.

The Queen’s Wrath event runs until October 6, so get the gear while the getting’s good. Read more details in Bungie’s helpful infographic right here.