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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen: How to unlock the Parasite exotic

It’s one thing to wipe out scores of enemies with a single shot in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. It is quite another to do so with their own exploding larva. Such is the joy of Parasite, an extremely powerful exotic-grenade launcher that weaponizes larva in a hilariously macabre way. This is a weapon no self-respecting guardian will want to do without. We will walk you through how to get one of your own in this step-by-step guide unlocking Parasite in Destiny 2.

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Of Queens and Worms

A hive worm talks to the player from his place on an alter in Destiny 2.

First, you need to complete the main Witch Queen campaign. Once that is wrapped up, visit Ikora Rey at the Enclave. She will assign you the quest “Of Queens and Worms.” Next, go speak to Mara Sov. She’s hanging out near the Artifact in the Enclave. Approach the dying worm and she will start will assign your first mission: complete the Birthplace of the Vile strike.

Complete the strike, but don’t leave right away after killing the boss. There is a hidden chamber at the back of the room, revealed by activating your Deepsight ability. Inside is an altar, place the worm on it.

Fun with Cryptoglyphs

The player lights torches to cross a platforming puzzle in Destiny 2.

Head to the Quagmire in Savathun’s Throneworld, and visit Fynch. He will task you with locating a Cryptoglyph. Follow the marker on your map to the Temple of Cunning (it’s a long trip), and wipe out the enemies at the marked location to acquire the Cryptoglyph.

The Cryptoglyph needs to charge, and in true hive fashion, that means violence. In this case, 100 scorn need to be slain. There are easy to find in the Quagmire, especially during public events.

Once the Cryptoglyph is charged you need to find more alters, located at the Throne World lost sectors. First, visit the Sepulcher lost sector in the Florescent Canal. Once you complete the lost sector activate Deepsight to find a hidden room with the alter.

Next, complete patrols in Florescent Canal. Any will do, although the “kill” patrols do tend to be the quickest.

It’s time to gather another Cryptoglyph, this time in the Queen’s Bailey. Just like the last Cryptoglyph, you will need to follow your objective marker to a far-flung point on the map, and wipe out a few waves of enemies.

Take the Cryptoglyph to the Metamorphosis lost sector, found in the Miasma region of Savathun’s Throne World. Clear the lost sector, activate Deepsight, and located the hidden room with the alter.

The final Cryptoglyph is in Alluring Curtain. Wipe out the enemies at the end as usual, but you won’t get the Cryptoglph right away. Activate Deepsight, and several platforms will appear. Three of them have torches atop them. Shoot the torches to light them, and a chest will appear. Open the chest to acquire the Cryptoglyph.

Extraction, located in the quagmire, is the final Lost Sector you need to visit. You know the drill. Clear the enemies, slay the boss, and use Deepsight to locate the hidden room with the Alter.

Make the worm work for you

Mara Sov completes a ritual to unlock the Parasite weapon in Destiny 2.

Return to Fynch, and he will give you the Hive Casing. This is basically a placeholder in your heavy weapon slot, so you may need to make room before you can take it from Fynch. Once you have the Hive Casing head to Florescent Canal, and launch the newly added Parasitic Pilgrimage mission.

The beginning of the Parasitic Pilgrimage is essentially an agility puzzle. The Worm is dying, and you need to run through a series of glowing pools before time runs out. Avoid the deadly traps around the pools, and don’t bother trying to kill many of the enemies, as they spawn endlessly.

Eventually, you will arrive at Mara Sov, and she will grant you the Parasite exotic grenade launcher. You will need it to defend her while she completes a ritual. Wave after wave of enemies will spawn. Look for glowing pools of light to refill the Parasite, and launch those larvae with reckless abandon. Eventually Mara will complete the ritual, and the Parasite will be yours to keep. IN THE TOP LEFT CORNER IN THIS BOX)

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