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Destiny could be expanding into comics, movies, and TV shows soon

Destiny 2 developer Bungie has posted a career listing on its website for a senior executive for development in TV, movie, and transmedia. The company seems to be looking to take Destiny to other mediums besides video games. The career listing suggests that we may be getting movies, TV shows, and possibly even graphic novels set in the Destiny universe.

The post goes into more detail about what the position will do for the company and the Destiny brand: “As a storyteller and ‘guardian’ of the Destiny IP, you will identify, select, guide, collaborate, and provide feedback to third parties and partners, enabling them to tell additional myths in the Destiny universe that delight our fans while capturing the hearts and minds of new audiences.”

The “third parties and partners” is the interesting part about this post, suggesting that Bungie is not looking to create Destiny content with different mediums in-house. Instead, it wants to collaborate with third-parties and partners that specialize in TV, movies, etc.

This is not the first time Destiny will branch out to different mediums, as it already has tried out comics and graphic novels to expand the storytelling of its universe. The Cayde’s Six comic can still be read on the official Destiny site and the Comic Collection: Volume One is still available to purchase at book retailers. The Grimoire Anthology Volumes: I – IV are also filled with lore, artwork, and stories that are not properly covered in the game series. With Bungie looking to fill this new position, fans of the series can expect to see more Destiny content outside of the games themselves in the not too distant future.

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