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Destiny 2’s The Witch Queen DLC to bring the Gjallarhorn back in February

Bungie lifted the lid on Destiny 2‘s upcoming The Witch Queen DLC, the ongoing game’s latest installment, which is set to release on February 22, 2022. Along with the expansion announcement, Bungie revealed a new customizable weapon type known as the Glaive, a melee weapon with midrange capabilities. Weapon customization is also available for both new and legacy weapons.

Bungie laid out details on various new content and items during its Destiny 2 Event Showcase, including the future of the game after the Light and Dark Saga. The showcase was also a celebration of 30 years of Bungie.

Hive Guardians created by the Witch Queen Savathun

The event showcase started off with a bang with a reveal of the full trailer for The Witch Queen. The video details that Guardians will be facing off against Savathun and her new Hive Guardians, which are a horde of Hive with the powers of the Light. Guardians will face this new threat in Savathun’s throne world, a pocket universe where she sets the rules.

With the upcoming expansion, players will get their hands on the Glaive, a new energy weapon that will be fully customizable. This melee/ranged hybrid cannot be found in the game as a reward for killing a boss or found inside a chest. This weapon must be crafted by the players and can be customized to their playstyle. Along with the Glaive, weapon crafting will be available for other weapons, including legacy ones.

Speaking of legacy weapons, the Gjallarhorn will be making a return to Destiny in the Witch Queen expansion. Bungie has also teamed up with Nerf to create a Gjallarhorn Nerf gun that people will be able to purchase.

Starting today, Season of the Lost goes live in Destiny 2. This will serve as a setup for the The Witch Queen expansion and a prelude for the final chapter in the Light and Dark Sage, called The Final Shape. Crossplay is now live with the start of this new season, so Guardians can finally play together against this new threat regardless of platform.

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