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PlayStation Sports Pack offers MLB 14: The Show on PS3, with NBA 2K14 for half price

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On April 1, sports games fans who own a PlayStation 3 will have the chance to pick up two of the biggest sports games on the market for the price of … well, two slightly discounted games.

The recently announced “PlayStation Sports Pack Vol. 1” will include MLB 14: The Show, along with NBA 2K14. Both games will be included in the same package, retail for $89.99, and debut on the PS3 on April 1. The bundle will also include $10 worth on in-game currency, including “6000 STUBS for MLB 14 The Show and 20,000 Virtual Currency for NBA 2K14.”

NBA 2K14 has been available on multiple systems since October 4, 2013 (and as a launch title for both next-gen systems). The April 1 release date will coincide with the release of MLB 14: The Show on PS3 and PS Vita. If you plan to picking that game up and have any interest in NBA 2K14, it will cost you just $30 extra.

As for a similar next-gen bundle, there’s no word yet. The PlayStation 4 version of MLB 14: The Show won’t be out until May 6, so if there is a similar next-gen bundle coming, it won’t be released until then, at the earliest.

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