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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II: all safe locations and combinations

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II doesn’t feature any notable collectibles to find during your playthrough, but it does have a total of three safes that you’ll need to track down if you want to earn the Gentleman Thief trophy or achievement. Thankfully, these can be obtained via Chapter Select, so if you miss one during your initial playthrough, you can always go back and open it later. In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find all three safes.

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Safe 1 — Mission 11: El Sin Nombre

At the beginning of Mission 11, you’ll exit an elevator and be given the ability to move about a mansion freely. Stay outside and wrap all the way around the right side of the mansion until you see a small balcony with an open door. Climb up to it using the nearby wall, enter the door, and then head left up the staircase. Head straight, and take a left at the small statue in front of you, then another right on the balcony area. Head straight again from there until you reach a door on the left. Enter the room, then wrap around to the right to see a closet that you can open to find the safe.

Combination: 02-02-19

Safe 2 — Mission 13: Alone

In Mission 13, you’ll have to disarm a trap that will provide you with a shotgun. Immediately after this, head up the stairs and down the hallway until you can open a door. When you do, you’ll see a body fall to the floor and reach out to you. There’s nothing you can do, so move forward into the coffee shop and turn left to see a door that can be opened using a shiv. If you don’t have a shiv, grab materials around the area to craft one, then open the door to find the safe.

Combination: 10-10-80

Safe 3 — Mission 13: Alone

After finding the previous safe in Mission 13, leave the room and look for a broken section in the banister ahead and to the right. Drop down and head outside, going left at the white car in front of you. Open the blue door here to enter a garage, then walk into the second area here and check the left side for a door into an office. Inside, against the wall, is the third chest.

Combination: 37-60-80

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