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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition details emerge


Call of Duty XP kicks off on Friday, giving gamers their first chance to go hands-on with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer modes more than two months in advance of its November 8 release. Some other reveals will probably come out of the event as well, including details on the always-anticipated special edition releases of the game.

Today brings what is very likely the official breakdown of what’s included with the game’s Hardened Edition, the mid-priced upgrade that falls above the regular retail and below the top-shelf Prestige Edition. No price is mentioned, though it’s been $80 for Hardened and $150 for Prestige in the past. The details come from a leaked advertisement obtained by Wired. All should take note that the ad is for the European version of the game, but regional US and Europe releases have traditionally been identical.

A number of goodies are included with the Hardened Edition, with perhaps the most notable being a free one year subscription to the premium side of Call of Duty Elite. That also nets you “Founder” status, which includes an in-game emblem, playercard, weapon camo and an XP boost for your Elite clan.

A 100-page book is packed in, a collectible Field Journal, containing “authentic military sketches, diagrams and written entries.” There are two console-exclusive bonuses as well, with the Xbox 360 getting a free Spec Ops Juggernaut Avatar outfit and the PlayStation 3 getting a free theme. The whole thing comes packaged in a Steelbook case.

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