You can play Evolve’s ‘Big Alpha’ on PS4 now, and everyone gets to play a little longer too

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Evolve‘s “Big Alpha” test is now live on PlayStation 4, with Sony’s console joining the same party that Windows and Xbox One users kicked off on Friday, October 31. The test was supposed to run throughout the entire Halloween weekend on all three platforms, but PlayStation 4 users got a nasty surprise on Friday when 2K Games temporarily postponed it. The reason? Issues related to Sony’s firmware v2.0 update, released just days before the alpha.

“After exploring all available solutions, we believe we have addressed the majority of known issues affecting the Evolve Big Alpha on PlayStation 4 following the PS4 2.0 firmware update,” 2K confirms. “The alpha test is now live on PS4 after a gradual roll out to registered participants.”

To make up for the missed time, the alpha timetable has been extended. Originally supposed to conclude on Sunday, November 2, 2K confirms that the test will now remain live until Tuesday, November 4, at 12pm PT. Though the publisher cautions that, while the issues that delayed the PS4’s participation in the alpha have been addressed, players might still run into difficulties playing.

“Alpha tests analyze and troubleshoot unfinished products,” 2K reminds fans. “While internal testing shows the majority of PS4 matches are completed successfully, some players will encounter interruptions and issues affecting the Evolve experience.”

That’s too bad, but how often do you get to play a game months before its official launch? Evolve was originally scheduled to arrive in October 2014, but it was delayed earlier in the fall to a February 10, 2015 release. The extra time gives developer Turtle Rock Studios the breathing room it needs to polish off the last bits, and this alpha is an example of that.