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All Card Carnival trials solutions in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

When you reach Costa Del Sol in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, you will quickly realize that Cloud and the crew aren't exactly dressed for a relaxing vacation at the beach. All that leather and black certainly won't be comfortable -- and don't get us started on how much sand is going to get in those boots. Before you can even set foot on the sand to relax by the water, Cloud will need to earn some tickets to get more appropriate beachwear. The only way to earn these tickets is to participate in some team minigames, including the Card Carnival on the docks. This is a twist on the Queen's Blood card game you may have been playing throughout your adventure up until now (or perhaps you've been completely ignoring it). Either way, this game is not your typical match, with specific challenges that are more like puzzles than proper games. They can be rather tricky, so we'll help you play your cards right to beat the initial set of Card Carnival trials and earn that swimsuit.




15 minutes

What You Need

  • Reach Costa Del Sol

The card carnival menu in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.
Square Enix

Card Carnival solutions

You initially only need to complete three challenges in the Card Carnival, but more will be available if you really want to test your problem-solving abilities. We will focus on just the ones required to complete this challenge.

A card carnival solution in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.
Square Enix

Three-Card Stud

The first challenge is called Three-Card Stud and gives you -- you guessed it -- three cards to place with the objective of beating your opponent's score. Here is what order to place the cards and where:

Step 1: Place the Fleetwing on the bottom-right tile.

Step 2: Place the Zu card on the top-left tile.

Step 3: Place the Quatzle in the center tile.

You should win with a score of 5-4.

A card carnival solution in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.
Square Enix

Go for Choco-Broke

Next up, we have a Chocobo-themed challenge. Order is very important in this one, so pay close attention.

Step 1: Put the Fat Chocobo on the bottom-left.

Step 2: Place the Posh Chocobo on the bottom-right.

Step 3: Finally, the Chocobo and Moogle go between them in the bottom center.

You will win with a score of 17-16.

A card carnival solution in Final Fantasy 7: Rebirth.
Square Enix

Mischief-Making Moogles

The final challenge is the most complex. You start with three cards, but gain two more when you play the Moogle Trio, so you need to plan ahead here. Or, just follow our steps.

Step 1: Start by playing the Moogle Trio on the far left in the middle row. You will draw the Moogle Mage and Moogle Bard cards.

Step 2: Play the Fleetwing in the center space.

Step 3: Put the Moogle Mage in the bottom-center space.

Step 4: Now place the Moogle Bard in the top-left space.

Step 5: Finally, end with the Grasslands Wolf in the bottom-left.

You will win with a score of 11-6.

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