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All Cactuar Capers locations in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is overflowing with fun ways to interact with its world, many of which are minigames that task you with completing challenging objectives or winning games. One of the more laid-back of these minigames is Cactuar Capers, which you’ll have to complete when trying to earn some beachwear in Costa Del Sol. This scavenger hunt will send you to take photos of pink Cactuars that have been painted on various objects around the town. In this guide, we’ll tell you how Cactuar Capers works and where to find all of the pink Cactuars so you can get to the beach in style.

All Cactuar Capers locations

There are four pink Cactuars to find in Costa Del Sol during the Cactuar Capers scavenger hunt, and they’re scattered throughout the town in various spots — with some more cleverly hidden than others. You’ll need to find all four of them to complete Cactuar Capers, which can be a bit of a hassle since all you have in your possession to help with that is a map that gives you general locations.

Luckily, the Shinra executive you’re teamed up with will be nearby each of the pink Cactuars commenting on how they must be in that area somewhere. This will help you discern where to look, though our photos further down below will show you precisely where the pink Cactuars are hiding.

Once you’ve found a Cactuar Capers location, you’ll need to adjust where you’re standing a bit and ensure that you can zoom in enough to meet the specifications listed on the map for that specific pink Cactuar. If you’re too far away or too close, you may not be able to get a good shot. Once you’ve zoomed in enough to turn the number green, though, you’re can snap the pic and move on to the next pink Cactuar.

Here’s where each pink Cactuar can be found.

Cactuar Capers location No. 1

Cactaur Capers

This pink Cactuar requires a zoom of 30%. It can be found in the south section of the town on a fire hydrant surrounded by small children. Getting the zoom right on this one can be a bit finicky, but standing very close seems to help.

Cactuar Capers location No. 2

Cactaur Capers

This pink Cactuar requires a zoom of 70%. It can be located at the very end of the dock on the eastern side of the town and is pretty hard to miss on the debris there.

Cactuar Capers location No. 3

Cactaur Capers

This pink Cactuar requires a zoom of 40%. It can be found on the Surf & Suntan sign in the northern section of the town. You’ll have to adjust the camera up to see it above you.

Cactuar Capers location No. 4

Cactaur Capers

This pink Cactuar requires a zoom of 10%. It can be found on the rock barrier on the western side of the town. You’ll need to look up to see this one, too.

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