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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth: all zipline Refurbishment Material locations

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is overflowing with content, including a wide variety of side quests to undertake as you work through its 50+ hour adventure. Some of these are given to you by returning characters, such as the lovable screwup, Johnny, who has found himself entangled in a whole new mess this time around.

After finishing up some of the main story content in Costa Del Sol, Johnny will eventually task you with seeking out his clones in the Corel Region, who will grant you a quest called “The Saga of the Seaside Inn.” To complete this mission at its highest tier and earn its best rewards, you’ll need to round up eight Refurbishment Materials left near ziplines in the area, so check below for their locations.

Where to find all the zipline Refurbishment Materials

The two Johnnys will send you on a mission to find eight Refurbishment Materials scattered across the Corel Region near ziplines. However, it’s worth noting that all these materials are found exclusively at the top of the ziplines, never at the bottom, meaning you’ll need to keep an eye out above you to find them all. Luckily, we’ve got a map below showing you the location of each of these zipline starting points, and you can find the Refurbishment Materials in plain sight next to them.

Map showing Refurbishment Material locations

When you’ve found every Refurbishment Material, you can return to the two Johnnys for your rewards and start the next step of the quest. Johnny and his clones might be a mess, but they’re our mess, right?

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