Child of Light coming to PlayStation Vita

child light coming playstation vita of  igniculus

Child of Light, Ubisoft’s visually lush 2D RPG released earlier this year to all major platforms, will be available for download on your PlayStation Vita this July 1.

The game follows Aurora, a dying Austrian princess who wakes up in a strange, magical world. Although it uses a platformer’s side-scrolling perspective, the gameplay is traditional RPG to the core as you explore the world to uncover secrets and gather a party of companions with thematically-linked problems for you to solve along the way.

While beautiful to look at (utilizing the UbiArt Framework put to such excellent recent use in the Rayman games) and generally charming, we ultimately found the game to be disappointingly lightweight. Perhaps the pick-up-and-play mobile version will serve as a better fit for the game, which disappointed some gamers hoping for a meatier console RPG.