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The best weapons in Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is full of unique weapons, most of which are up to player preference. However, some weapons are better in certain situations than others. Chivalry 2‘s Team Objective modes like The Fall of Lionspire and Escape from Falmire will put players in multiple scenarios where a weapon they were using to free the prisoners from cages isn’t ideal for crossing a narrow bridge. Players will find themselves fighting 1v1 as often as they find themselves completely outnumbered. Which weapons will they be wishing they had? We’ve laid out a handful of different combat scenarios and decided on the best weapon to use in Chivalry 2.

Damage types in Chivalry 2

Characters cheering in Chivalry 2.

Before we dive into the best weapons in Chivalry 2, it’s essential to understand how different damage types and bonuses apply among various classes. You can deal three types of damage in Chivalry 2: Cut, Chop, and Blunt.

Cut damage from weapons like The Messer, The Falchion, and any other sword or spear is uniform across all class types. These weapons are good places to start for new players as they get used to what the different classes look like on the battlefield.

Cut weapons will often deal more base damage than Blunt or Chop weapons, as seen with the Greatsword and the Messer’s maxed-out damage meter. However, they are not receiving damage buffs against Knights and Footman, the two classes with the most health in the game.

Chop damage deals 25% bonus damage to Knights and 17.5% bonus damage to Footmen. These weapons include axes, the Glaive, and the Halberd. If you could chop wood with it, it deals chop damage in Chivalry 2. The only chop weapons in Chivalry 2 that deal max damage are the War Axe, Executioner’s Axe, and the Battle Axe.

Blunt damage will punish Knights, plain and simple. They will do 50% bonus damage to knights and 35% bonus damage to Footmen. The best blunt weapon in Chivalry 2 is the Maul, which can one-shot knights when unleashing a special attack. Of course, its slow windup does make it hard to use at times.

Now that we’ve established different damage types, let’s dive into some of the best weapons for any given situation in Chivalry 2.

Chivalry 2: The best 1v1 weapons

Players fighting one versus one in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Nothing feels better than beating a human opponent in an uninterrupted 1v1. While you might think you want the biggest and baddest weapon, speed and accuracy are more important, and two weapons outperform all others in a 1v1 setting.

One-Handed Spear and Shield

Stats for the One-Handed Spear in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The One-Handed Spear has a lightning-fast stab attack dealing 50 light damage and 70 heavy damage. As a cut weapon, that is the max damage you’ll be putting out with the One-Handed Spear. What makes this weapon extra viable is the accompanied shield, which is great for passively blocking arrows and defending yourself.

The One-Handed Spear and Shield can be used by the Knight’s Guardian class and the Footmans’ Man at Arms class. Between the two, the Knight will provide more health and can place healing Banners as their class ability, but the Footman can move faster and deploy bandaids. The One-Handed Spear has decent reach, so it’s best to out-space your opponents. This makes the Footman’s increased speed more valuable than the Knight’s extra health (only 25 more HP). Since you’re in a 1v1 situation, being able to backpedal faster than your opponent can catch up to you puts the advantage on your side.

The downside to the One-Handed Spear is its skill ceiling. You’ve got to be accurate, or you’ll end up stabbing the air next to your opponent. You’ve got a chance of surviving a 2v1, but as soon as three or more enemies surround you, you’re not going to make it out alive.

The Shovel

Stats for the Shovel in Chivalry 2
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Yes, you read that right. The Shovel may seem like a useless weapon, but it’s actually one of the best in Chivalry 2, especially in a 1v1 situation. As a Blunt weapon, the Shovel will deal significant bonus damage to Knights and Footmen while still putting out bonus slash damage. Its faster recovery, faster release, and faster slashes make it great for interrupting attacks and punishing players wielding big beefy weapons.

You’ve actually got a better chance when outnumbered with the Shovel than you do with the one-handed spear. The fast slashes make it easy to hit multiple targets, especially when protected during a successful Riposte.

The Footman’s Field Engineer class is the only one that can use the Shovel. You can still move pretty quickly and have a decent pool of health to work with. Use the spike traps and barriers to defend objectives like the Trebuchets on Lionspire. The Field Engineer does 100% bonus damage to objectives, meaning that the Shovel is perfect for breaking down barricades, doors, and enemy traps.

Chivalry 2: Best crowd-control weapons

Two armies charging each other in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

On the flip side of 1v1 fights is crowd control. By crowd control, we mean a handful of enemies charging at you and you alone. You won’t be able to take them all out at once, but you can keep them at bay and deal some decent damage until reinforcements arrive. Be warned: These crowd-control weapons run the risk of dealing collateral team damage because of their long and wide slash attacks.

The Executioner’s Axe

Stats for the Executioners Axe in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Executioner’s Axe deals chop damage, which grants bonus damage to Knights and Footmen. It has a buffed overall damage output while suffering from slower release. The broad reach of the Executioner’s slash attack, coupled with good dragging mechanics, can hit and stagger several enemies at once.

Timing a charged attack will eviscerate bots and deal a ton of damage to enemy players charging at you. Now reeling and trying to heal, keep up the assault and lead your team forward. Follow up that heavy slash with an overhead attack to finish off enemies in true executioner fashion. Avoid stab attacks with the Executioner’s Axe. The same goes for chop weapons in general.

While decent with enough space, the Executioner’s Axe isn’t worth its weight when somebody’s right in your face. This is especially true if that in-your-face placer wields a quick weapon like the shovel or Short Sword. Make sure to leave a good amount of distance between you and your incoming targets.


Stats for The Greatsword in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Greatsword has its perks, and it has its pitfalls. While it’s great for crowd control, reaching farther than the Executioner’s Axe, it does suffer from a slow windup and a long release. This means you’ll have to allow more space between you and an incoming wave of enemies. However, once you’ve got the timing down, you should be taking out mobs with ease.

The Greatsword is a Cut weapon and can only be used by the Vanguard’s Devastator class. You’ll be dealing base damage across all classes, but the real trick is your leaping strike attack. Although it can only be performed at full sprint, a leaping strike can one-shot Archers and bots while staggering and dealing 100+ damage to other enemies.

You really have to master dragging to be good with the Greatsword. It helps to play in third-person to give you a better idea of where enemies are related to your swing. If you can time it right, you can easily make up for the Greatsword’s slow attack speed by hitting enemies at the very beginning of your slash.

Chivalry 2: Best range weapon

Stats for the Longbow in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Longbow is the only viable ranged weapon in Chivalry 2. Sorry Crossbow users, but the Bow is the easiest ranged weapon to learn and the most reliable in any given situation. Yes, a well-placed crossbow bolt can devastate Knights and Footmen. However, those accurate shots are few and far between unless you’re the best Crossbow player in the world.

With the Bow, you’ll never have to take your eyes off your target. Players should aid their teammates by finishing off or damaging enemies they’re currently engaged with. Be prepared to pull out your sidearm when an enemy starts to close in on you. On the flip side, don’t be afraid to shoot a quick arrow at them before switching. They may be weak already. Weak enemies are covered in blood and only need a little more damage to finish off.

Chivalry 2: The best overall weapon — the Messer

Stats for the Messer in Chivalry 2.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

The Messer is, by and large, the best weapon in Chivalry 2. Now, this doesn’t mean you’re going to win every single fight you find yourself in. The Messer is the most versatile and gives you a fighting chance in every situation. It’s great for crowd control and comes with a fast enough slash attack to get the edge on other two-handed weapons. However, if you find yourself up against a shovel-wielding Footman who knows how to use it, you may be in trouble.

As a cut weapon, The Messer will only deal base damage across all classes. However, it does receive an increased damage buff to counter its longer release time. Timing is key to using the Messer, and dragging a powerful slash attack across multiple targets is the best way to use it.

1v1, the Messer can punish with a slash-overhead combo. Avoid stab attacks, as they take long to wind up and don’t deal as much damage as overheads. You have more range than you think with the Messer, so start swinging before an enemy is in range to keep the fight in your favor.

The Messer can be used by the Vanguard’s Raider class and the Knight’s Crusader class. Even though the Raider allows you to carry two primary weapons, the Crusader’s secondaries are some of the best in the game. The Axe and Falchion pair beautifully with the Messer and are handy when using your oil pots. However, players may opt for the Morning Star for bonus damage against other Knights and Footmen.

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