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Grand Theft Auto V comparison video shows PS3 and PS4 running side by side

compare gta v ps3 ps4 side gtav comparison

As announced at E3, Grand Theft Auto V comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One this fall (and even lets you bring your GTA Online characters along). The hardworking folks at Digital Foundry have released yet another of their popular comparison videos, this time showing off GTA V‘s next-gen makeover on the PS4 next to its PlayStation 3 forebear:

The differences are about what you’d expect: higher resolution textures, smoother lighting, fancier particle effects. The PS4’s advantage is particularly pronounced in the detail on water and the bloom coming out of headlights driving past at night.

No official release date for the new version has yet been provided, but expect it sometime in fall 2014.

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