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Long-awaited Xbox sequel ‘Crackdown 3’ delayed into 2019, Microsoft confirms

Crackdown 3 – E3 2017 – Official 4K Trailer

Microsoft’s Crackdown 3 was originally scheduled to arrive on the Xbox One and PC last November, just in time for the release of the more powerful Xbox One X console. It ended up being pushed past that date into 2018, but the delays aren’t over — the game has now been moved to 2019.

According to Kotaku, ongoing development troubles led Microsoft to bump the game out of its 2018 release window into some point in 2019. It’s a move that was likely made to ensure the game lives up to quality expectations, as several Microsoft exclusives have failed to deliver the goods over the last few years.

Shortly after Kotaku’s report was published, Microsoft confirmed the delay in a statement to Windows Central.

“Our fans’ response to the signature antics and explosive gameplay of Crackdown 3 has been incredible,” Microsoft said. “To ensure we deliver the experience they deserve, Crackdown 3 will be launching in February 2019. We look forward to sharing more on Crackdown 3 this Sunday during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing.”

Crackdown 3 is one of the most technologically ambitious games Microsoft has ever released. Developed by several studios including Sumo Digital, Ruffian Games, and Cloudgine, the game contains a full single-player campaign in an open world, as well as a multiplayer component that offers unprecedented destruction via the Azure cloud. Bullets can destroy bits of concrete in walls, and you can collapse nearly any structure you come across. This is more limited in the campaign in order keep missions interesting. We liked what we played during our time with the game at E3 last year, but it’s nice to see Microsoft taking the time to add extra polish.

Hopefully, Microsoft will have some high-profile game announcements at this year’s E3 press conference, with at least a few of the titles planned for a 2018 release. It has been rumored that Playground Games’ Forza Horizon 4 will be announced at the show, which would fit in line with the series’ general release schedule, and we’ve heard there could be as many as three different Gears of War games on the way, as well. We’re crossing our fingers that Microsoft has something unexpected, however, such as a brand-new action-adventure game. Otherwise, Xbox owners might be left playing only multiplatform releases again this holiday season.

Microsoft’s E3 press conference will be hosted on Sunday, June 10 at 1 p.m. ET. You can read our predictions for an idea of what the company could announce during the show.

Updated on June 8: Added confirmation of delay from Microsoft.

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